Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap


May 2021

Welcome to the Herräng Dance Camp website! We are happy to finally be able to present our virtual summer activity in the village, Herräng Summer Weekend. Please find below the general framework for the event – further details will be added as soon as they are sorted out. 


Herräng Summer Weekend

A small but somewhat ambitious virtual summer greeting from Herräng to the swing dance world. Offering a small handful of classes and a handful of small Herräng spectacles. Directly from Folkets Hus. 31 July – 1 August. Further details below. Welcome to the village.



We are planning on having four to five classes a day. Some of them will be solo jazz, others will be lindy hop. Classes will be with different teachers at different levels. In two classes, take a trip back in time and join Frankie Manning as he teaches in the 90s, along with comments and instructions from current, knowledgeable dancers.  If you are interested and willing : the floor is open for you to teach a 45 minute crash course of your choice to other swing dancers. Please contact us with your proposals. 


Small Spectacles

Preliminary ideas : a curtain-raising introduction and presentation, sightseeing in the village, baking banana bread, Daily Meeting, Library Talk, Midnight Ramble, et cetera. These ideas are what we have in mind right now, but since Herräng has never been known for being fully predictable or static, additions and changes will most likely appear at both long and short notice. 

Facts and Figures

The weekend will be presented for free to anyone who is interested, but a donation to our crowdfunding would be much appreciated. No sign-up will be necessary, but please stay tuned for the final schedule as well as the technical details for the weekend. 



Until just a couple of weeks ago in mid-April, we were determined to present a week-long event with the possibility of in-person classes should the situation around the coronavirus drastically improve. We have kept an eye on how the situation developed and unfortunately there are still many question marks, and therefore many risks.  After much deliberation, we have finally decided to reduce the length of the event and keep things virtual. A sad decision, though perhaps unavoidable.

Despite this, we are still looking on the bright side of life and working with what we have: technology, Folkets Hus, and a handful of volunteers - see you at Herräng Summer Weekend!


Additional Information

There are three tangible things that will be active no matter how the corona situation develops: our crowdfunding, our new Herräng Monthly project, and our traditional newsletter. If you are interested to learn more about any of the three, please follow the links below – 


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Best regards and keep swingin


Herräng Dance Camp