Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap


Open around the clock for five consequtive weeks, passing on the past to the present and the present to the future. All faces, all ages, all levels, all backgrounds and all retrospective. From the southern creole ragtime Cake Walk to the transatlantic twist. And from that uptown low down Harlem beat to the contemporary world wide rave: Lindbergh's Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Slow Drag, Solo Jazz and Tap. All that old school syncopated rhythm and all that irresistable swing.

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Week 1 July 2 - July 9
Week 2 July 9 - July 16
Week 3 July 16 - July 23
Week 4 July 23 - July 30
Week 5 July 30 - August 6


News for 2016

Herräng has always been a melting pot for old-fashioned perspectives as well as new and creative ideas. For the summer to come, the event will follow in the footsteps of this tradition of blending the past with the present and also moving the context into the future. The below are ten good examples of things where tradition walks hand-in-hand with new ideas:
  • Live bands – Sundays, Mondays and Fridays are regular band nights in Herräng: small bands, big bands and middle sized bands. The focus is swing and sometimes post-swing era music. Many of the bands are young and brand new to the Herräng crowd. 
  • Midnight Ramble – introduced two years ago and now spreading its partyism tentacles into further areas of the Herräng night life: be-bop swing, latin swing, Harlem style, rhythm & blues, New Orleans, Slow Drag and all that general jazz.
  • Daily Meeting – six nights a week, each one hour long and with a history starting in 1989. Information, education and entertainment served in a talk show setting including performances, competitions, interviews, camp news, film clips and much more under the Herräng sun and the Harlem moon.
  • Library Talk – a Herräng speciality since many years: a presentation of the Big Apple, a panel discussion on the followers role dancing the Lindy Hop or an interview with Norma Miller. 25 different subjects presented five nights a week in the Library. Normally sold out and sometimes more than that.
  • Slow Drag Night – one of the true institutions in Herräng and still going strong. This year presented under the umbrella of Midnight Ramble, offering street jazz, jungle jazz and dog house jazz.
  • Masquerade Night – Wednesdays have turned into a festival of potential princesses, vikings and Russian bears. Don’t forget to bring your wildest costume of free choice, and be prepared for an evening in spectacular disguise.
  • Vaudeville Amateur Nite – Thursday nights are from now on Amateur Nites. All talents or non-talents are welcome to sign up for a place in the artificial sun on the main stage. The entire program will be framed by ragtime music and hosted by the shows exquisite master of ceremony.
  • Savoy Night – Harlem night life was sparkling back in the jazz age, Herräng Dance Camp will sparkle for five weeks and especially on Fridays. Folkets Hus will become Savoy Ballroom and the front yard will offer Harlem characteristics: baptist churches, beauty parlors, ice-cream parlors, chicken and waffles, lucky numbers, gambling nests, speak easies, Minnie the Moocher, the tree of hope and much more. It’s all party and it’s all vernacular. 
  • Red Camper Cinémathèque – tired of dancing and in need of a physical break? Our cinémathèque offers jazz documentaries and full length movies five nights a week. And they all come with popcorn and chocolate and something to drink.
  • Cultural Activities – all Wednesday classes don’t start until late afternoon. All hours from the crack of dawn until around 15.00 are for cultural activities: a boat trip in the archipelago, a visit to a medieval church, a short promenade to the old mines of Herräng or any other of our arranged activities.

    In addition to the above ten major areas, please also pay attention to the following news and improvements: 
  • the general landscape of the event is slowly but surely moving into two different but co-operative directions: one heading towards the root system of the different dance forms, another one pointing in the direction of surrealistic and innovative partyism. 
  • in the line-up of teachers, we are actively supporting the idea of trying to re-introduce some selected teachers from the 1990s and early 2000s, as well as introducing some "newcomers". Among those for the summer to come are Janice Wilson – Manu Smith, Catrine Ljunggren – Martin Wedby, Ramona Staffeld – Remy Kouakou, Malou Meyenhofer – Chester Whitmore, Moe Sakan – Markus Rosendahl, Alice Mei – Felipe Braga and many more.
  • the upstairs ballroom as well as Bar Bedlam have both received new wooden floors of high and most danceable quality. 
  • the camp administration has during the last couple of months experienced a complete re-organisation, dividing the camp activities into seven distinct and recognizable areas of responsibility.
  • the previous volunteer system will be completely changed into a staff system – all details are to be found under Staff Personnel.
  • the Reception will this year join forces with the Entrance pavillion and geographically position itself by the entrance gate.
  • the Prop Shop will partly open up for self service maintenance of clothes, shoes et cetera, offering basic machines and equipment.
  • Café Blue Moon has received a brand new kitchen.