Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Welcome to Herräng


Open around the clock for five consequtive weeks, passing on the past to the present and the present to the future. All faces, all ages, all levels, all backgrounds and all retrospective. From the southern creole ragtime Cake Walk to the transatlantic twist. And from that uptown low down Harlem beat to the contemporary world wide rave: Lindbergh's Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Slow Drag, Solo Jazz and Tap. All that old school syncopated rhythm and all that irresistable swing.

Registration opens on February 1-5, 2016! 

Week 1 (July 2 - July 9)          -     registration opens on February 1
Week 2 (July 9 - July 16)        -     registration opens on February 2
Week 3 (July 16 - July 23)      -     registration opens on February 3
Week 4 (July 23 - July 30)      -     registration opens on February 4
Week 5 (July 30 - August 6)   -     registration opens on February 5


News for 2016

Herräng is from some point of view to be looked upon as a slightly orthodox swing dance institution, from another point of view it's also kind of experimental and very often innovative and in the forefront of things. For the summer to come, many internal as well as external things are to be changed, and hopefully these changes will lead to an improved internal work situation as well as a clearly visible new and refined swing dance environment in general. Among many news, please find the following as the probably most significant ones:

  • the general landscape of the event is slowly but surely moving into two different but co-operative directions: one heading towards the root system of the different dance forms, another one pointing in the direction of surrealistic and innovative partyism. 
  • the Midnight Ramble – introduced two years ago – will expand its repertoire and occassionally location, to cover more days of the week and will establish six rotating theme parties each week; New Orleans, be-bop swing, Slow Drag, latin swing, rhythm & blues and Harlem style.
  • Sunday, Mondays and Fridays will be regular band nights.
  • the previous Thursday Cabarets will be given a serious make-up and change name to Vaudeville Amateur Nite.
  • the Friday masquerade and theme parties will disappear to be replaced by a serious dress-up night with live music and the full spirit of Harlem night life back in the swingin' heydays.
  • all Wednesdays will hold a classic masquerade night where each and everyone are supposed to be in a disguise of his or her own choice.
  • the Basement will from time to time open up for different unexpected and eye-catching party ideas, discretly navigating in the out-skirts of the general landscape and intentions of the camp.
  • the Basement Cinémathèque will move (into the Red Camper outside of Folkets Hus) and expand, now covering not only full lenght movies, but also jazz related documentaries. 
  • the previous volunteer system will be completely changed into a staff system – all details are to be found under Staff Personnel.
  • in the line-up of teachers, we are actively supporting the idea of trying to re-introduce selected teachers from the 1990s and early 2000s, as well as introducing some "newcomers". Among those for the summer to come are Janice Wilson – Manu Smith, Catrine Ljunggren – Martin Wedby, Ramona Staffeld – Remy Kouakou, Malou Meyenhofer – Chester Whitmore, Moe Sakan – Markus Rosendahl, Alice Mei – Felipe Braga and many more.
  • the upstairs ballroom as well as Bar Bedlam have both received new wooden floors of high and danceable quality. The Ballroom will also receive a totally new technical bridge that will occupy much less of the dance floor than the previous one.
  • Café Blue Moon has received a brand new kitchen.
  • the Prop Shop will partly open up for self service maintenance of clothes, shoes et cetera, offering basic machines and equipment.
  • the Cultural Activities on Wednesdays will experience a serious transformation around alternatives and options.
  • the camp administration has during the last couple of months experienced a complete re-organisation, dividing the camp activities into seven distinct and recognizable areas of responsibility.