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Please carefully read through the staff document before applying as a staff member. We close all application for staff 15 April 2024.

Staff are somehow the heart and soul of the Herräng Dance Camp, often working behind the limelight and the fancy performances. The different positions can be anything from general management to challenging factotum positions, many of which are often unglamorous, sometimes dirty, and sometimes stressful. At the same time, they also offer an inside perspective on the camp and an opportunity to perform serious and positive work together with people from all over the world. Staff work in Herräng can be performed for flexible periods up to a maximum of five weeks. Periods of two or three weeks are most common, but the periods vary based on need and applicable skills.

Staff are divided into four different categories: volunteers, full time staff, supervisors and specialists. Volunteer positions are unpaid and less hours. Most positions at the event will be volunteer positions - please see the table below for a general overview of what it means to be a volunteer at camp. Full time staff positions are also available, that means you will work in positions like a volunteer but with more hours and you get paid. Supervisor/specialist positions are paid and come with extended responsibilities and often with additional leadership demands. The expectations for supervisor and specialist positions will vary, and the positions will be appointed directly by our staff coordinators.

Volunteer (full week, week 1 – week 3)
These three weeks represent the traditional camp period. All of them offer a large variety of opportunities in many different areas. Please find them listed on the Departments tab, and when applying for a position, please keep in mind that work comes before dances and parties. If nothing seems to appeal to you, but you still like the idea of being on staff, there might very well be additional alternatives available later on, so keep your eyes open.

Work prior to camp        No
Length of work period   1 week minimum (except Weekend Warriors - see below)
Payment                           No
Accommodation             Herräng-style bunk bed in large room or tent spot
Food                                  Two meals per day during your week of work including your day off (breakfast & dinner)
Party pass                        Yes, for the entire work period
Working hours                 About 30 hours per week and time might vary from day to day - busiest days are Fridays & Saturdays
Day off                              One day per week, arranged at the start of the working week by your supervisor
Staff dance classes        12 classes per week - please note, you will not be able to take them all due to your work schedule
Transportation                Manage your own to camp

Weekend Warrior positions
Depending on how flexible your life is and how much work we need to do on the weekends, maybe we'll need extra people during the weekend (Sunday through Monday) in exchange for food, evening entrance and accommodation during the days you will be helping.

Payment                                No
Accommodation                  Herräng-style bunk bed in large room or tent spot
Food                                       Two meal per day during your day of work (breakfast & dinner)
Party pass                             2 entrances (Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday)
Working hours Saturday   About 12 hours on Saturday

Camp calendar
This is the calendar for this year’s camp. Please keep in mind that work starts with a meeting for all newly arriving staff members at 10:00 on Saturday, with work finishing at 16:00 on the following Saturday. Week 0 (set-up week) we start at 09:00 on Friday. Week 4 (crash-down week) we start at 09:00 on Sunday. Different times might appear in connection to Week 0 and Week 4, and for certain positions. This will be relayed on a case-by-case basis.

Week 0 (Set-up week, Paid positions)               28 June (09:00) - 4 July (20:00)
Week 1 (camp week)                                              6 July (10:00) - 13 July (16:00)
Week 2 (camp week)                                             13 July (10:00) - 20 July (16:00)
Week 3 (camp week)                                             20 July (10:00) - 27 July (16:00)
Week 4 (crash-down week, Paid positions)      28 July (09:00) - 3 August (20:00)


What qualities and skills are we seeking for in our teams?

Herräng Dance Camp offers a large variety of opportunities in many different areas. Please find them listed below, and when applying for a position, please keep in mind that work comes before dances and parties. If nothing seems to appeal to you, but you still like the idea of being on staff, there might very well be additional alternatives available later on, so keep your eyes open!

In the main dance area, Folkets Hus, we keep our dancers hydrated and fed. Therefore, we offer refreshing drinks and tasty food to keep energy levels up. There will be baker, chef, waitress, runner and kitchen helper positions available for people with great smiles, communication skills, and good balance for carrying things around.

ICP is the centre of the School Area universe as far as ice cream, light food and caffeine is concerned. The business is all about baking, cooking, preparing, scooping, serving and facing customers from dawn to dusk. No specific qualifications are required, but an interest in being an active part of running a busy ice cream café is a must.

Cleaning and Recycling

One of the most important units for the general impression of the event: cleaning, sweeping, mopping, moving, preparing, storing, recycling... The crew operates all over the camp and keeps the areas in good and presentable condition. Assets for being with the team include the ability to make hard work fun, general flexibility and no allergy towards cleaning products. The cleaning crew will very often face unexpected situations and the work is often kind of multifunctional.


The Reception is the administrational center of the event, and also the place where most questions from students will be asked and hopefully answered: over the phone, over the internet or face to face. Among many useful skills are service-mindedness, patience, multilingualism and the ability to work under stress (reception gets long lines!) and stay alert for long hours way into the night.

Tech Crew

The Tech Crew is managing many technical aspects of the camp, primarily sound and light. This unit works all around the clock and missions include carrying and installing different basic sound and light equipment all over the different camp areas.


The activity department dreams up exciting things for campers to participate in, and make them happen. They are often operating at short notice and sometimes at odd hours. The position demands an organized person with flawless communication skills operating on a shoestring budget. If you are able to make a reservation for horse riding with one hand while serving Swedish fika (coffee) with the other, Activities may be for you.

Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and preferably the experience of driving both automatic and manual transmission cars. The position includes all kinds of transportation and pick-up services around the camp and in nearby towns and cities. On-call schedules for airport pick-ups can be at any time, both day and night. Social skills are an asset as well as some basics around car maintenance.

This department is full of super handy people with creative solutions in their minds at all times. As the main focal point for most practical maintenance and construction projects, this department needs strong hands that can fix almost anything and then carry it around.

The Bike Rental service holds some 400 bicycles and offers the possibility for students to rent bicycles. The work up front is very much about seeing customers, and behind it’s all about general bicycle maintenance. Skills in bicycle mechanics and customer service are needed to be on this small daytime team.

The shop deals with all aspects of merchandise and all aspects of communication with sellers and buyers. Experience in retail business is helpful, but attention to detail is a must. Fashion sense is also a plus.

First Aid

As we are a fair distance from a hospital, we have medical personnel at camp to provide support and advice in case of a medical emergency. The position demands that you have some professional experience (nurse, doctor, et cetera) around healthcare and first aid. Ideally, we would like to combine the First Aid position with traditional work in the Reception.

Safety and Security

The Safety and Security unit in Herräng is not only about security. It’s also very much about being the camp’s prolonged eyes, ears and voice. Anything from personal safety, fire alarms, cleaning up a messy area to addressing the shortcomings of other departments may fall under the area of responsibility. It’s an asset to possess good social skills in order to deal with different sorts of safety issues in a kind but firm way.

The business of the laundry is very much about washing, drying and taking general care of dirty clothes and bedding. The service is primarily for students, but it’s also open for our internal needs. The positions in the laundry also include some cleaning work in the area, and demands a general service-minded attitude.

General Accommodation

Herräng offers a handful of different alternatives for general accommodation, and the work around it includes helping out primarily during check-ins and at other busy times. Administration can very well be a piece of the job, but expect all kinds of missions around the service in general.

Private Accommodation

The department will be responsible for all aspects of private accommodation in the village such as general administration, key control, payments and all kinds of contacts with locals renting out to dance students vice versa. To be able to speak Swedish is a must for private accommodation.

Weekend Warrior

For some, weekends are the optimal time to work and dance at Herräng. With this option, you will only have work during the weekends, when the camp needs extra support. This kind of job includes food and drink service, camper check-in (long lines!) and driving. Special preference is given to those who can work several camp weekends. When working as a Weekend Warrior, you have the same benefits as other staff, but only for the days you are on duty.