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Frida Segerdahl

Marie Sörqvist

Fatima Teffahi


Marie Sörqvist

Year Around Staff

Ceren Ay
Social Media

Why HDC?
I lack words to express the meaning of Herrang Dance Camp for me but it’s a magical roller coaster in a nutshell. Everytime I come to the camp, I feel that my mind, heart, soul and body come together as one. I just love it!

How is it to be working at HDC?
It’s not a piece of cake! Social media never stops! Working as a year-around staff could be lonely at times but meeting at the camp every summer and putting in the hard work plus having fun together is really fulfilling.

Dorota Bryndza

Why HDC?
HDC is like magic to me. It's a small spot in the middle of nowhere, but it's bursting with music, dance, and wonderful people.

How is it to be working at HDC?
Working in Herrang makes me feel like I'm part of a close-knit community. That sense of belonging is just amazing.

Felix Berghäll

Why HDC?
Because I believe in what it can be/become and because I feel it is my responsibility as a guest within the African/Black American Tradition of Jazz that has benefitted from this culture for so many years to do my absolute best in nurturing, caring, and giving back to the best of my abilities. And with the platform Herräng has in our scene and the changes happening, I want to be part of it. 

How is it to be working at HDC?
It's challenging, it's stressful but also very rewarding.

Bo Eriksson

Rémi Flandrin

Karin Gadziala
Teacher Coordination, Administration

At HDC, working from home around the year can sometimes feel lonely, but when camp time rolls around, everything changes. Being part of the big staff family, spending almost every minute together, is what gets you through the hard work during those weeks. These people can elevate you on a whole different level. Creating this special place together with and for people from all over the world is what makes it all worth it.

Jenny G

If you too have experienced the magic at Herräng Dance camp, you know why HDC. If you haven’t I hope you get to one day. I describe it as the ‘Narnia’ of Swing Dancing, a joyous place where anything can happen. But why Herräng? It’s the people and the nature that keeps me coming back! You get the best of both worlds: the connections, and interactions with the international dance community but also the Swedish countryside with the lakes and forests (covered floor with blueberry and lingonberry bushes)! I haven't been working in my new role for very long, but being an experienced Herräng Dance Camp staff member, i know more or less what to expect and apart from the challenge of  organizing meetings with big time differences (I'm in Australia) it been pretty great so far!

Małgorzata Gołąb

In HDC I work Economy department and I’m happy to collaborate with people who turn brilliant ideas into action. It’s great to be a part of this event not only in the summertime, but also all year round.

Barbara Joó
My first HDC was in 2017 where I was fascinated by how wonderful that people from all around the world meet and have a great time together at the Swedish countryside. You connect with old and new friends, get to know each other's cultures and traditions and of course you dance together all the time! I'm a dancer, teacher, event organiser and community leader from Budapest. I have 10 years of experience working with events and with the Lindy Hop community. I was working in the core team of big festivals such as Lindy Shock and Chase Festival. I was part of the starting team as an event consultant of Vienna Honey Swing and Blues Fever. Generally I love to be involved in different projects.

Roumany Israil
IT, Transportation

My passion for Jazz music and swing dancing has been for many years shaping my life significantly, unlocking a sense of joy, liberation and connection that I struggle to put into words.Motivated by its impact, I am driven to give back as it has enriched me so much. For me, HDC stands out as the most suitable place for me to "give back". It is a place fostering a strong commitment to sharing the dance within its authentic African-American context. Working at HDC is enriching to me as I see how many people are coming together each year and being moved by the music.

Baiba Lupike

Kattis Thörnberg

Why HDC?
As new employed, when applying, I could sense the joy, kindness & creativity! All that together with dance, a peace of heaven, I´d say!

How is it to be working at HDC?
So far, great! A flexible job with your own responsibility within a wonderful Herräng Team! A WE feeling!

Susanne Wallgren
Private Accommodations

Why HDC?
For me, it is a place where everyone is welcome, I like that.

How is it to be working at HDC?
Fun, easygoing and with freedom of responsibility.

Gosia Żurawska

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