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Good to know

Swedish summers are unpredictable. They can appear with a smiling face, but they can also provide unexpectedly chilly winds and lots of rain. Our advice is to keep both scenarios in mind when preparing for the journey.
A basic budget once in Herräng, should include the cost for the classes, the accommodation and the food, plus a reasonable amount for additional expenses. Sweden in general, if compared to other European countries, is probably slightly more expensive than the average country. Please also keep in mind that Herräng does not have any ATM machines, and that bank cards cannot be used for bike deposits. However, most places within the village and our venues do accept card payments. Please remember to bring enough cash to take care of all those small expenses that might occur.

Arrivals and departures

One Week Programmes
• Check in: 15:00-24:00, Saturday
• Classes: Sunday morning – Friday afternoon
• Check out: until 10:00, next Saturday.
Weekend programs
• Check in: 17:00-18:00, Friday
• Classes: Friday evening – Sunday afternoon
• Check out: until 10:00 on Monday
For Swing Kids and Swing Teens information, please visit their website:
For late-comers, it is possible to perform check-in on arrival in our Reception.
Early arrival? On the Saturday of your arrival and before 15:00, it is possible to drop bags in one of the dance tents.

How to get here

Detailed instructions on how to get to Sweden and Herräng

How to get to Sweden

Sweden is a fairly well-connected country, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to reach the magical land that hosts Herräng Dance Camp. Its landscapes and cities boast astounding beauty, and the welcoming nature of its folks will make you feel at home. There are more traditional ways of getting here, such as by plane and train, but we know of some people who have even biked to Herräng. It’s all up to how adventurous you are feeling!

By plane

We understand that trains are not a viable transportation to many, either due to distance or other reasons. Don’t worry, the Stockholm area is packed with airports – Arlanda, Bromma, Skavsta, and Västerås. We highly recommend flying to Arlanda airport, as it is the closest to Herräng and thus the best-connected via public transportation. Note that our official shuttle buses only operate from Arlanda airport. Bromma is located one hour further away from Herräng than Arlanda by car, even more by public transportation. Some flights might be cheaper, but the adventure to get to our coastal village will be greater from Bromma airport. Barely any participants use Skavsta or to Västerås airports since they are quite further away. However, if you find a flight that suits you, please check public transportation all the way to Herräng before booking it; getting stuck in the middle of nowhere and having to pay for a taxi might not be very budget-friendly.

By car

Planning a road trip and topping it with a week in Herräng Dance Camp can be a fantastic way to spend your holidays! Pack as many bags as you want, explore the surroundings, and come at your own pace. You could also share your ride with other dancers on your way to Herräng.
Please avoid parking your vehicle in a way that obstructs traffic in any areas of the village upon arrival and during your stay; let’s be respectful of the locals. Ask at the reception, and they’ll be more than happy to show you different suitable parking spots on the map. Pop this address into your GPS, and you will be in Herräng before you know it:
Folketshusvägen 5, 763 71 Herräng, Norrtälje kommun (60.128196, 18.646482).

By train

Most Swedes who come to camp use train services. However, not only them—increasing numbers of people from Germany and other neighbouring countries opt for the railway due to its environmentally friendly nature and not very long hours. Stockholm Central Station is the best-connected one, but the Uppsala Central Station also offers good options depending on where you are travelling from.

By bus

Flixbus and other companies also offer bus rides from all over Europe to Stockholm. Get yourself a good playlist and enjoy the long hours to build the excitement for when you arrive at camp!

How to get to Herräng

Getting to Herräng can be an adventure in itself. Herräng is located on the coast, approximately 100 kilometres north of Stockholm, and there are several ways to travel. Keep reading to get some tips to make your trip as smooth as possible. Most prices mentioned here are indicative; please contact the companies to get the exact prices.

  • From Arlanda to Herräng
    Arlanda has the best connections to Herräng. The shuttle bus service organised by Herräng Dance Camp operates to and from here three times on Saturdays – this is the easiest way to reach Herräng. These buses take approximately 90 minutes one way and cost 500 SEK. Of course you could book a taxi or an Uber and follow your own schedule; it would take a similar amount of time but it would cost between 1000-2500 SEK. Many people choose to take public transportation since it is the budget-friendliest option, between 40-300 SEK, although it will take approximately three hours and involve a couple of connections.
  • From Stockholm Central Station to Herräng
    If you arrive at Stockholm Central Station, there are three ways to get to Herräng. You could choose to take the airport coaches called Flygbussarna or the train to Arlanda airport, and catch the Herräng Dance Camp shuttle from there. Alternatively, you could opt for public transportation (about 80 SEK) or a taxi (about 3000 SEK) or Uber (about 1300 SEK) directly from Stockholm Central Station to Herräng .
  • From Bromma, Skavsta and Västerås airports to Herräng
    These airports are located quite far from Herräng. There are two ways to travel from here. You can either take a taxi (3400-5000 SEK) or public transportation, or you can take the airport coaches called Flygbussarna to Stockholm Central Station and continue from there, as recommended in the previous paragraph.
Public transportation
Before booking your trip, visit these trip planners to ensure you won't get stranded in the middle of Sweden, as taxi services can be expensive! We recommend these two:

SJ (Regional trains) – Trip Planner  
SL (Stockholm public transport) Planner

Key stops for the trip planner
Herräng: Herräng kiosk/Herräng
Arlanda airport: Arlanda terminal 5/ Arlanda C
Stockholm: T-centralen

There are three ways to obtain valid tickets

- SL Journey Planner & Tickets app: Available on Android and iOS.
- On the bus: Credit/debit card, no cash accepted.
- At the airport, metro stations, 7-Eleven, Pressbyrån: Credit/debit card or cash.
Taxi companies
The prices for the same trip might vary from one company to the other, and they usually are not very economical. You could also take an Uber, which is quite cheaper, but you cannot make reservations in advance.

Folketshusvägen 5, 763 71 Herräng, Norrtälje kommun (60.128196, 18.646482).

Telephone numbers
‍Roslagstaxi: +46 (0)175 12345
Uppsala Taxi: +46 (0)18 100000
Taxi Kurir Uppsala: +46 (0)18 123456
Taxi 020: +46 (0)18 202020
Taxi Direkt: +46 (0)18 711711

We are here to help you if you have any questions. Reach out to us at, and we will do our best to assist you.


What you need to enter Sweden

For most visitors coming to Sweden, a visa is not a necessity. Citizens from certain countries might however be in need of such documents in order to visit Herräng. Please find some basic and instructional information below. For further details, please contact the nearest Swedish embassy or consulate.

Please find out the situation for your country by checking here. If your country is on the list, please contact the nearest Swedish embassy or consulate for details on how to proceed with the visa.

Letter of invitation

If your country is one of the countries where citizens are in need of a visa to enter Sweden, we will provide you with an invitational letter. Ask us for an invitation letter by filling in the form on this page. From opening of the registration. Please make sure to start the process in good time before planning to arrive in Herräng. Once the invitation has been sent to you, please arrange an appointment with the consulate or embassy. If problems appear, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for additional support at

General information

Some of the following information might from many perspectives seem somewhat unnecessary. At the same time, please keep in mind that we from time to time receive false applications from people that have no connection to the swing dance community. For us (and for you), it is important to maintain a good and reliable relationship with the different Swedish authorities around the world. Accordingly: we are naturally trying to avoid sending invitational letters to individuals that have no connection to the swing dance scene.
Registration fee paid and confirmed, make sure they are coming, if no visa, money back given.
Please make sure that all the information sent to us is honest and correct. Also, please be aware that we might occasionally need to check things through different scene leaders in your community. It is also important to remember that once you have received our invitation letter, the rest is up to you and the Swedish authorities. Finally, and very importantly: please do not wait until the very last minute to begin the process of getting a visa  –  bureaucracy can sometimes consume a disproportionate amount of time...

Book our shuttle service

Get a ride from the airport

The Herräng Dance Camp shuttles are the buses we organise to take people from Arlanda to Herräng and back. This is a smooth way to travel compared to public transportation and quite more affordable than taking a taxi. They only operate on Saturdays, so if you arrive on Friday or Sunday, unfortunately, you will have to rely on other means of transportation.

The schedules for Saturdays are as follows

Arlanda to Herräng (6, 13, 20 July)
(Meeting point: Exit of Terminal 4, ground floor)

Herräng to Arlanda (13, 20, 27 July)
(Meeting point: outside the Herräng's kiosk)



Please book your seat for both arrival and departure at My Herräng under the Airport Shuttle tab. Each participant will have to book their own shuttle through their own profile:

  • When booking your arrival, check that you have chosen a shuttle that gives you enough time between landing and shuttle departure. You need to show up at the meeting point no later than 15 minutes before the shuttle leaves. They will not wait for anybody, regardless of having a booking – we only use one bus all day long for all shuttles, which means that if one shuttle is delayed, the entire day will be delayed. We will not be responsible for delayed flights or other delays (e.g., lost luggage). If for any reason you miss your shuttle, you might be able to join the next one, but only if there are available seats after everyone with the corresponding booking has checked in
  • When booking your departure shuttle, check that you have chosen a shuttle that allows enough time to catch your flight. Expect the journey from Herräng to Arlanda to take around 90 minutes, and the airport check-in procedure to take anywhere from 40 minutes up to two hours.
How to pay

Please keep in mind that your booking will not be fully processed until we have received the payment for it. A two hour time slot is available to pay for your booking. After the two hours, any unpaid booking will be automatically cancelled, and the seats will be open for any other participants to book. You can easily pay for your booking with your card in the same way you paid for the rest of your courses. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Log into your "My Herräng" account.
  • On the top black line, you can read "Payments". Click on it.
  • You will see the "Airport pickup" item is still unpaid. On the lower-right side of the table, you can find a button that says "Pay By Credit Card Now". Click on it and follow the instructions.

Meeting point at Arlanda

The official meeting point at Arlanda is at the entrance/exit at Terminal 4, on the ground floor. The exact location of the meeting point is marked in purple on the maps. We will be meeting outside of the doors, in the open air, unless it is raining, in which case we will meet indoors. Look for Herräng Dance Camp signs, people wearing the Herräng Dance Camp t-shirt, or even some crazy people in animal costumes –  they are there to help you on your first adventure to camp!

You can also pop in this Google Maps link on and follow its lead.

The shuttle will depart from the bus parking area right outside. However, we strongly recommend staying at the meeting point and not wandering outside trying to find the bus – the platform that our shuttle uses changes every time. If you are coming at the very last minute, and only in the case that nobody is waiting at the meeting point, you could check the bus departure screens and find the platform of the shuttle. Check the images below.

The airport is still undergoing renovations that started some years ago. If there are any changes due to the construction activities, we will update you through our website and via email.

If for any reasons you need to get in touch with the Airport Shuttle service, please email us at For urgent matters on the day of your arrival or departure related to your booked shuttle, please call +46 (0)768 666587 (available only during camp).