Vision, mission and values

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We bring people together to celebrate the African American culture; dance, music & arts
(in the Swedish countryside)


Herräng Dance Camp inspires, educates and entertains new to experienced dancers from all over the world in a unique setting in a (of a?) small seaside village in Roslagen, Sweden. We welcome you to immerse yourself and take part in the celebration and love for African American swing dance, music and its legacy through time.

Core values

Everyone has a right to express themselves through the art of dance, and a right to be recognized as an independent and equal human being, treated with dignity and respect. Dance can build growing, thriving, strong individuals as well as communities. Dance can boost engagement with a wider social agenda. Dance unites.
We really believe that dance (and being a part of a dance community) can contribute to a greater sense of belonging. We strive to credit the originators of jazz dance, highlighting its roots and keeping connected to the history (past and present) of Black culture. We will always acknowledge this in our work, and support the Black community.

HDC appreciates all forms of artistic expression, but has a special focus on the teachings of early 1900’s African-American jazz dances, as well as the modern dances inspired by them. We celebrate diversity. We really like dancing, and we love jazz dances in particular.

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Please feel free to contact us at any time. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Our phone is only active during the camp. Email is the best way to contact us.

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+46 (0)8 643 40 58
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Herräng Dance Camp
Herräng Folkets Hus
Folketshusvägen 5
763 71  Herräng
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Högalidsgatan 36A
117 30 Stockholm