Answers to common questions

What happens when I have sent my application?

We receive and respond to staff applications on a rolling basis (first-come, first-served). Due to the very high ratio of applications to staff coordinators, please allow one month before inquiring into the status of your application. After a month, all bets are off and you should feel free to email us as much as you like. If your application results in an offer, which you will receive via email, you only need to make a written acceptance of the agreement to secure your staff spot.

How do I apply?

All the information that we need from you in connection to your application for a staff position should be filled in the application form by 15 April 2024. Please notice that a staff application is not a class registration nor a party pass registration, neither does it offer any priority for general class registration. Also important: there is no need to wait to be accepted as a staff member in order to register for classes.

When and how should I arrive and depart from camp?

If you have been given a work position for any given week, please make sure that you are at camp no later than 10:00 the first Saturday of your week(s), and please be prepared to stay on duty until 16:00 on the following Saturday(s). Please seriously keep those times in mindwhen scheduling your travel itinerary. Consider coming on Friday earlier rather than catching the Saturday early transport options. You are welcome to arrive in Herräng on the Friday before your staff week begins. If you notify us of your early arrival before camp starts, you will be given admittance into the Friday night dance and given a temporary bed for the night in either staff/general accommodation, or wherever there is room. For information about travel to camp, check the Travel page on the website. In summary, you can book a shuttle from and to the airport in your My Herräng system. The other popular option is the public bus, which is cheap and comfortable and takes about two and a half hours from Stockholm.

What are the expectations regarding being on staff at Herräng?

We are all the face of Herräng during every minute we are on staff. It is everyone’s job to keep the camp running, help lost or stressed attendees, and generally make it a welcoming camp. Absolutely no bullying or harassment will be tolerated. Neither will agitation of any kind and any form of using the festival as a platform for public, political or religious opinions. Although being on staff is a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of work. Keep yourself accountable and don’t miss or be late to any shifts. When you get to your shift, make sure to check in with your manager and teammates. They will let you know what needs to be done, and it could be anything! Breaking down cardboard boxes, driving some supplies across camp, building a small house for soda bottles, etc. Be ready to get involved in any job, big or small. Please keep in mind to always stay in communication with your team while you are on shift.

How do I register for classes during my non-working weeks?

If you applied for a volunteer position, please do a normal class/party pass registration as well if you would like to go for classes in the week when you are not working. You have to pay for your ticket on your non-working week. Follow the instructions in the registration email. If you have both applied for a paid position (set up & crash down) and registered for general classes, please pay attention to the following: everyone who submits a staff application will find all their class registration fees put on ‘hold’. If your application leads to a work agreement, the ‘hold’ status will remain all the way until the check in procedure once in Herräng. Even if your class registration is put on hold, your spot in the class is secure. In the event that your application does not lead to a work agreement, please be prepared for the ‘hold’ position to be taken away. An automatic email will be sent informing you that the registration fee will have to be paid within four days in order to avoid the cancellation of your place in class. The same process also applies to Party Pass registrations.

Where can I eat in camp?

While working, you are entitled to two free meals a day in our staff kitchen (Hell’s Kitchen) during the entire week which you are working. This also includes the days that you are off! The food is balanced, nutritious and filling, and the plan runs from Saturday dinner through to breakfast on the following Saturday. If you prefer to eat elsewhere, the event and the village itself offer many alternatives. It will also be possible to fully take care of your own cooking in our semi-private kitchens that are open to both staff and students in general.