Terms and Conditions

Kindly read the terms and conditions provided below regarding the registration process, refund policies, and other general festival rules before proceeding with your registration.


  • A registration fee must be paid within four days of your registration for all tracks – without it, your registration is not complete, and your place in the program is not guaranteed. Keep on reading to find out everything about the cancellation fees.
  • If you wish to change tracks: In case you have registered but have not paid the registration fee yet, cancel your registration and then register for your new track. If you have registered and already paid your registration fee, please contact us on info@herrang.com.
  • Please keep in mind that minor changes might occur on the teachers, bands, and DJ line-ups. We do our best to create our schedules so that every teacher visits every class, but it might not be feasible in every case. On the same note, our bands and DJs are subject to change prior and during camp.
  • By registering for our services through MyHerräng and/or attending the event in any capacity, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Refunds and cancellation fees

Cancellation rules may vary based on the department where the service was booked and the time span left until camp. Read further for more details. Moreover, it is important to remember that all cancellations will entail an administrative fee.
Please note that once a camp week has commenced, no full or partial refunds will be issued, even in the case of illness.
Additionally, keep in view that it is possible to transfer or sell the course spot to another person. For more information on this matter, please contact info@herrang.com.
Days prior to camp
Cancellation fee
Class & Party Pass Registration
Only administration fee is kept
If you paid +2500 SEK
650 SEK are kept
If you paid 1000-2499 SEK
400 SEK are kept
If you paid 0-999 SEK
250 SEK are kept
50% of your purchase is kept (but at least 600 SEK)
75% of your purchase is kept
General accommodation
If changing to any type of accommodation offered by HDC
0% – Full refund
If changing to a non-HDC accommodation
50% of your purchase is kept (but at least 400 SEK)
100% of your purchase is kept – No refund
Private accommodation
Refunds will only be possible if said accommodation is afterwards rented out by some other participant. For further information please contact accommodation@herrang.com
Pre-ordered t-shirts
100% of your purchase is kept – No refund
30% of your purchase is kept
Airport shuttle services
50% of your purchase is kept
100% of your purchase is kept – No refund

General festival rules

We aim to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone during camp. Please read the following general practice rules that will apply during camp. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at info@herrang.com.
  • Herräng Dance Camp reserves the right to refuse admittance or request departure from the camp to any individual – participant, artist, staff member, or otherwise – who fails to comply with the guidelines outlined in our Code of Conduct. Be aware that no refunds will be issued in such circumstances.
  • Herräng Dance Camp follows both Swedish laws and the cultural values and norms prevalent in broader Swedish society, which may differ from other countries. Click here for an English summary of the most important Swedish values, norms, and laws.
  • While assistance is always available, Herräng Dance Camp ultimately cannot be held responsible for any incidents, injuries, or theft of items and other valuables while at camp. Please take care of yourself and be mindful of others.
  • Always remember that Herrang Dance Camp is hosted in a real village. Please be respectful and mindful of the locals who are not attending the camp.
  • Herräng Dance Camp complies with all rules and regulations outlined by the Swedish government in regard to Covid-19. For further information about pre-existing rules, click here.
  • By attending this festival, you agree to the Terms and Conditions regarding refunds and registrations outlined above.
  • By registering, working, volunteering, or participating in the event, you grant permission for Herräng Dance Camp to use photographs and/or videos of you taken at the event in publications, news releases, social media, online, and in other communications related to the mission of Herräng Dance Camp. If you see a picture or video featuring you that you would like us to delete, please reach out to media@herrang.com and the published content will be unpublished and also removed from our archives.