Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

Services and Locations


Herräng Dance Camp is very much organized and performed within two main areas located some 300 metres apart from each other: the Folkets Hus Area and the School Area. Both of them are very much in the centre of all aspects of what the camp represents.

The Folkets Hus Area holds three different dance floors - the Ballroom, the Dansbanan and the Library - and is open more or less around the clock, offering daytime classes and all evening and night festivities. The area also holds a handful of the important infrastructure of the event, including most of the event's administration and side-services plus some private accommodation alternatives.
Herräng adresskarta
The Reception is the centre for all general contacts between students and the camp administration. The office, which has generous opening hours, is the place where all kinds of questions, comments, complaints et cetera should be addressed.

Airport Shuttle
The Airport Shuttle administration, located inside the Reception, offers reliable transportation service primarily from and to Arlanda Airport. Bookings should preferably be made in advance to secure a seat at one of our rides.
Accommodation Office
The Accommodation Office technically hosts all administrational personnel linked to General Accommodation, Private Accommodation as well as Camping Accommodation (tents and caravans). The office is in charge of all matters - keys, maps, payments et cetera - concerning bookings for different accommodation alternatives. The facility is located inside the Reception and in operation on a daily basis at fairly generous hours. Please notice that the individual sub-offices occasionally move out to provide their services in the areas where the actual accommodations are.

The Woodside is a fairly new building holding a handful of back-office functions, but also offering private accommodation in the hostel part of the facility. Located next to Folkets Hus and clearly visible from its imposant two story construction.
Café Blue Moon
Café Blue Moon was one of the first small side-services that started to open up in Herräng in the early 1990s. It has ever since been providing an endless assortment of café related products, but also lunches and small food alternatives.

Bar Bedlam
Bar Bedlam was established somewhere in the mid 1990s, and has ever since been one of the main alternatives for drinks and food inside Folkets Hus. Opens around the time of breakfast and closes later than late.

Annedals Pizzeria
Outdoor pizzeria, named and framed from a mysterious mistake at Google Maps ... Opened up two years ago presenting a fairly unorthodox pizza menu.
Café Blue Moon
Lindy Hop Shop
The Lindy Hop Shop, including a tiny café, has over the years grown into a full scale service providing clothes, accessories and all kind of products in the line of jazz, swing and general retro. Cash and card payments are accepted in the Lindy Hop Shop, but no cash service from cards is provided.
Bike Rental
The Bike Rental started out some twenty years ago with a handful of questionable lost-and-found bicycles. Today the little service holds around 400 bicycles for rent, and offers both maintenance and service in general. It is possible to book a bicycle in advance through the My Herräng system.
Golden Gate
The entrance and the Reception represents one unit located at the very end of Folketshusvägen, some 75 metres in front of Folkets Hus. Golden Gate is manned from around 19.00 every evening until late at night. This is where HDC-passports are checked and possible entrance fees are paid.

Prop Box
A small camp internal pavilion full of all kind of props. The Prop Box is open to anyone interested, and all things inside are okay to borrow as long as they are also returned. The Prop Box also holds some basic machines and equipment for repairing clothes, shoes et cetera.

Tool Box
The Tool Box (former NoNo Box) is connected with the general workshop/carpentry of the camp, and holds our collection of tools and general hardware. The area doesn't have any general public access, but is at the same time a service institution for both internal and external problems of practical nature.
Sightseeing Boats
Our sightseeing boats are anchored about 100 metres west and behind Folkets Hus, and offer the possibility to at any time escape from all steps and all music. They are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week and no pre-bookings are available.
The Lake

The School Area holds the majority of our daytime dance floors, a handful of the camp's general side-services and is also open for different evening crash courses. The area often closes at around 23.00 and becomes a fairly silent and sleepy part of Herräng, holding a serious amount of beds in connection to general accommodation and the School Area Camping Ground.

Ice Cream Parlor
The Ice Cream Parlor - often shortened to ICP - and its next door branch, Banana Club, are both a combination of ice cream parlour, café, breakfast alternative and health inspired small kitchen in general. They both open early, but close well before dusk.
Heaven's Kitchen
This is the camp's number one place for breakfast and dinner. Run by external entrepreneurs seven days a week for all the five camp weeks. Since many years a natural choice for the majority of all students in Herräng.

Hell's Kitchen
Hell's Kitchen, as an antipod to Heaven's Kitchen and also a reminiscence of a once slightly wild and partly obnoxious area in New York, provides breakfast and dinner for a majority of our staff personnel helping out at the camp.

Russian Kitchen
The Russian Kitchen was established by the first Russians coming to Herräng in the early 2000s. Nowadays it is an international kitchen, open for anyone interested to cook and prepare meals on a private basis.
Lindy's Laundry
Manned laundry service open every day from 12.00 until 20.00. The delivery time is normally within 24 hours and the prices are reasonable and based on the weight.

Red Sauna House
One of many possible places where a decent shower is provided, but the only place where it's possible to enjoy a traditional Swedish sauna.

Make-Up Room
The Make-Up Room, located in the entrance of the Red Sauna House, is open and free for anyone interested in personal aesthetics. Equipped with tables, chairs, mirrors, lights and other things necessary for a good result.

Internet Corridor
Technically a part of the School corridor, offering a few basic but functional work desks, where anyone can bring a private computer and other devices and get some work done. Internet tickets for wi-fi connection can be purchased at the Ice Cream Parlor.

In addition to the Folkets Hus Area and the School Area, the village itself offers a handful of small services and attractions, that during the camp period blend in and support the event's general line of infrastructure.

Kuggen (the grocery store)
Herräng's only grocery store is located in the very centre of the village itself. Cash as well as cards are accepted, but please notice that the store does not provide a cash back service unless you have a Swedish bank account/card. Also, U.S. VISA cards need to have a chip, not only a magnetic strip.
The Kiosk is a combination of a traditional Swedish newsstand and a small hamburger bar.

Food Wagons
In addition to the camp's official alternatives, different independent entrepreneurs might very well offer food from different food wagons. The supply often includes thai, mexican, fish and chips et cetera.
The Marina offers, besides being a traditional marina, also a full-service restaurant, a small kiosk and some 40 beds included in our general accommodation program.
Herräng offers a small open-sea beach facing the archipelago. The water temperature in Sweden can possibly be challenging for visitors from warmer meridians ...