Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

Plan your visit to Herräng


Our registration system for the 2020 event will open in December, 2019. All registrations, as well as possible changes to previously made registrations, should preferably be made in our web system called My Herräng, alternatively over the phone directly to our office in Stockholm.


One Week Programs (full time and half time)
All one week programs will perform check-in on Saturday afternoons between 15.00 and 19.00. All classes will take place from Sunday until Friday. Check-out is supposed to happen before 11.00 on Saturday mornings.

Short Week Programs (only Saint Louis Shag, week 5)
This program will have check-in in our Reception on Sunday at any time of your choice. All classes will take place from Monday until Wednesday. Check-out is supposed to happen before 11.00 on Thursday morning.

Weekend Programs
All weekend programs will have their check-in in our Reception on Fridays between 17.00 and 18.00. One class will take place on Friday evening, all additional classes will happen on Saturday and Sunday. Check-out is supposed to happen before 11.00 on Monday morning.

All above programs include, for the applicable time periods, all evening entrances and all general side-arrangements. All possible remaining financial transactions have to be taken care of in connection to the check-in. The camp has the possibility to accept card payments (VISA or Mastercard) or Swedish cash. For late-comers, it is possible to perform check-in also at arrival in our Reception.

Special Programs (only Swing Kids and Swing Teens, week 1 and week 2)
Swing Kids and Swing Teens operate from a partly external administrational platform; for detailed information, please visit their special page under headline Swing Kids and Swing Teens.




Once in Herräng, depending on what kind of accommodation that you have registered for, please follow the applicable instructions below:

General Accommodation: please visit either our General Accomodation Office (Sundays-Fridays) in our Reception in the Folkets Hus Area, or our temporary General Accomodation Office (Saturdays) outdoors next to Ice Cream Parlor.

Private Accommodation: please visit the Private Accommodation Office located in the Folkets Hus Area.

Camping Accommodation: please follow the instructions under website headline Information – Accommodation, leading up to two alternatives: Tent Camping Accommodation or Caravan Camping Accommodation.

Red house


On the arrival-Saturday and before 15.00, it is possible to drop bags in one of the dance tents (Smalls Paradise) in the School Area, located some 300 metres east of the Folkets Hus Area.

Early Arrival


A basic budget once in Herräng, should include the cost for the classes, the accommodation and the food, plus a reasonable amount for additional expenses. Sweden in general, if compared to other European countries, is probably slightly more expensive than the average. Please also keep in mind that Herräng doesn't have any ATM-machine, and that cards cannot be used everywhere. Accordingly: please bring enough cash to take care of all those small expenses that might occur.



Well, and first of all: Swedish summers are unpredictable. They can appear with a smiling face, but they can also provide chilly winds and lots of rain. Our advice is to keep the both scenarios in mind when preparing for the journey. Beside the Swedish weather conditions, many more things are of course to keep in mind when packing for Herräng, for instance: dance shoes, dance clothes, dance thoughts plus many hundred of other things meant to make life on the Swedish countryside a little bit easier and more comfortable.



Even though Herräng is a very small village, the community in combination with the camp administration is able to offer a good handful of alternatives as far as food is concerned. The internal options include Bar Bedlam, Café Blue Moon, Annedals Pizzeria, Banana Club, Ice Cream Parlor, and the so called Russian Kitchen (which is a kitchen open for students to perform their own cooking). The external alternatives include Kuggen (the grocery store), the kiosk (partly a hamburger stand), Marina Restaurant plus several food trucks run by individual entrepreneurs. Vegetarian and vegan options are available at most of the above alternatives.