Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap


The information below represents all kinds of possible alternatives around Sandman and his friends. The four alternatives might function in different ways, but they all have one thing in common: they all operate from the Accommodation Office, located in the Folkets Hus Area. At certain times, the accommodation office might very well relocate into other areas where the alternatives are physically located; for instance, the General Accommodation Office has a temporary location in the School Area only on Saturdays et cetera. Further details will be available later on. For more information regarding prices, please check our Prices page.


General Accommodation is the most common choice and is also the most wallet-friendly alternative. There are five different locations (the School, the Gymnasium, the School Area Camping Ground (large HDC-tents) and the Marina), and they are all equipped with bunk beds, duvets and pillows (at all time, please bring your own bottom sheet, top sheet, pillow case and towel at all times). They all come with access to toilets and showers, but have different locations and different room sizes to offer.

The General Accommodation alternative is primarily for guests taking classes or enjoying party passes during any given week; general visitors can only be offered space once all class takers and party pass holders have checked in. The General Accommodation alternative consists of both traditional indoor rooms (school rooms, gymnasium et cetera), as well as outdoor sleeping tents with six bunk beds in each complete with floors, heat, ventilation et cetera. The indoor alternatives are primarily for dancers following the different dance class programs, while the tent alternatives are primarily for party pass dancers. Both of these alternatives should preferably be booked in advance alongside general registration; if beds are still vacant once in Herräng, those will be available on a first come first served basis. If you end up on a waiting list for classes, please be aware that it won't be possible to book the General Accommodation until you have been taken off the waiting list with a place in a programme.


General Accommodation

Reservation: Please choose "General Accommodation" on My Herräng when registering for a course or a party pass. Please note that you are not able to choose this option, as long as you are on the waiting list.
Costs: 800 SEK/week


Many of the local inhabitants of Herräng rent out rooms, cottages, apartments, houses et cetera while the camp is on. The alternatives are all different and are all possible to find and book through your My Herräng account. Please note that all bookings should be made via My Herräng; no bookings can be performed by contacting us over our general email address. Please also read the general information carefully when booking your private accommodation, as well any specific information regarding the alternative you want to book. If any possible question marks remain, please contact us at accommodation@herrang.com.

Reservation: Registrations for Private Accommodation are now open. Please log in to your My Herräng account and go to Private Accommodation. Please note that you are not able to book any private accommodation, as long as you are on the waiting list.
Costs: Varying
Private Accommodation


Please bring your private tent and all necessary accessories (please note that electricity is never an option in combination with tent accommodation). The geographical alternatives in Herräng are either next to the School, or next to the Malmen Sports Ground. Important note for 2023:There will be NO electricity and facilities (toilets, drinking water and showers) available at Malmen Sports Ground this year. The water will be unsafe for washing dishes and drinking. If you stay at or near Malmen, please use the facilities in the school area (in the gym, school and outside the laundry area.)

Reservation: Please choose "Tent/Usage of HDC facilities" when registering for a programme or a party pass through My Herräng.
Costs: 350 SEK/week
Tent Camping


Please bring your private caravan and all necessary accessories. Herräng offers two main geographical alternatives for caravan camping: the camping ground at the School Area and the camping areas around Malmen Sports Ground. The first one is located more or less in the middle of where the action is, while the second one has a location in the outskirts of the village, some 300 metres south-east of the School Area. Only the camping area at the school area is equipped with electricity for a fee and has bathrooms and showers in the general vicinity. Depending on your preferences, please read the paragraphs below that apply to you plus the general information on caravan camping.

Reservation: Please choose "Camper/Caravan" as your accommodation type when registering for your week program of classes of party pass through MyHerräng. If you are sharing a caravan/camper with others, only one person should select this option. All other persons staying in the same vehicle should choose "Tent/Usage of HDC facilities", so you only pay for the camper spot once.

Caravan Camping
Camper/caravan without electricity - 350 SEK/week
Camper/caravan with electricity - 1750 SEK/week (bring your own outdoor extension cable!)
Once in Herräng on 8 July, please come to the School Area Camping Ground in person at 10.00, but please don't bring your caravan, instead please place it at Malmen Sports Ground. On that day, our camping representative will be present and will take care of distributing the different spots. Please make sure to be there on time since no late-comers will be given any priority. 
The camping representative will try to respect your wishes for a certain spot, but will also have to allocate the caravan spots in the most logical sense. We hope for your understanding if we need to put you in a different spot than you might have wished for. 

This area is located on the left side, immediately before Malmen Sports Ground. No pre-booking procedure exists. Instead, please locate a spot in the area and then park your caravan accordingly.
Important note for 2023There will be NO electricity and facilities (toilets, drinking water and showers) available at Malmen Sports Ground this year. The water will be unsafe for washing dishes and drinking. If you stay at or near Malmen, please use the facilities in the school area (in the gym, school and outside the laundry area.)


  • On arrival, but before your camping spot has been located, please make sure to not park your vehicle in a way that blocks the traffic in any areas of the village.
  • Please bring your own fire-extinguisher and your own automatic smoke detector.
  • No caravans will be allowed into the School Area Camping Ground before 10.00 on Saturday, July 8.
  • Please make sure that your caravan has gone through electrical inspection and is found in good condition before arriving in Herräng. If your caravan causes a ground fault in our electrical junction boxes, we will charge you SEK 1000 for troubleshooting, and will most likely disconnect your caravan from the box.
  • Please also notice that we are not able to help out with fixing any electrical problems inside individual caravans.
  • Please bring your own outdoor extension cable to connect your caravan to our electrical junction boxes. The cable should be at least twenty metres long, and must be one intact cable length (not multiple connected cables) without any damage.
  • Unoccupied caravans are not allowed in the School Area Camping Ground. Empty caravans will be removed to Malmen Sports Ground.
  • Bookings for space at the School Area Camping Ground must be made for a minimum of one week, following the strict camp weeks of check-in on Saturdays followed by check-out on the next Saturday. Bookings at Malmen Sports Ground can be made for shorter periods, including completely flexible check-in and check-out dates.
  • Once you have found your camping spot and are in possible need of electricity, please contact our reception in the Folkets Hus Area for payment and further assistance.