Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

Swing Kids & Swing Teens



The theme for this summer's dance camp is VERNACULAR SPECTACULAR! We translate vernacular into "by the people" and this year's camp focuses on organically learned, folk and street dances. There are as many folk dances as there are cultures in the world. These dances are not developed in dance studios, but are developed in all available open spaces such as streets, house parties, parks, schoolyards and nightclubs.
This summer, our goal is for you to try breaking, buckdance (early tap dancing), African dance and the most popular street dance of them all: Lindy Hop!
While there are currently no restrictions whatsoever, we must of course monitor the Corona situation during the summer and, if necessary, the camp will be adapted to follow the Swedish Public Health Department's recommendations.
Lindy Hop originated in Harlem in the African-American society. It quickly became known all over the world through films, shows, competitions and professional dance groups. When the dancers started to add acrobatics to Lindy Hop, it got its place in the history books forever.
Join us on a journey this summer: from the social dance's unique, popular community and naturalness to the spectacular performance world with choreography and extreme movements. The dance camp is for everyone who is 8 to 17 years old, from beginners to those who want to start competitive dancing.
The camp offers a combination of dance lessons and fun activities during the day. Our camp takes place at 10.00 to 16.40, Sunday to Friday. We also offer evening activities between 8-10 pm, Sunday to Wednesday. On Thursday evening, the students will get to show what they have learned during the week and on Friday there will be swimming and a Tea dance. We will also organise a fun dance competition during the Tea dance, for everyone who wants to join in.
For the summer to come, we will offer the following lessons (international means that we will speak both Swedish and English):
  • 9 July – 15 July, International Classic Swing Kids (8 – 12 years)
  • 9 July – 15 July, International Classic Swing Teens (13 – 17 years)
  • 9 July – 15 July, Lindy Hop Swing Teens Invitational

Classic Swing Kids and Swing Teens

Here, you are divided into groups depending on age. New for this year: eight lessons of Lindy Hop, instead of only six. Five lessons with a focus on social dance and three lessons in choreography. There will also be theme classes, Own Choice lessons and activities:

Swing Teens Lindy Hop Invitational

This group will only have Lindy Hop classes, and the level is intermediate-advanced. A total of 14 Lindy Hop classes, plus a rehearsal. The Invitational group has no mandatory activities and has a schedule that runs between 10:00 am-6:00 pm, with several breaks during the day. You must apply to join this group since it is primarily for those who are 13-17 years old who have danced Lindy Hop for more than 3 years. If you take this course, it is possible to order our lunch package. Swing Teens Lindy Hop Invitational are part of the show on Thursday night and at Friday's Tea dance. Other activities (such as crafts, excursions, Friday beach and evening activities) are entirely optional.
If you are 18 - 19 years and would like to join, please email info@kalabalindy.com.

Theme classes

We have chosen three folk dances and the groups will be divided according to age. Each group has one lesson in each theme class.
  • African: West African dance that integrates recorded music with drums and drumsticks.
  • Buck Dance: An early form of Tap that emerged in the southern United States with roots in the Caribbean. There is a lot of footwork done on the down beat/off beat.
  • Breakdance: Acrobatic movements divided into four categories: top rock, down rock, power moves and freezes.

Own Choice

These lessons are age-integrated and you will have three lessons.
  • Solo Jazz - authentic jazz with a focus on rhythm.
  • Streetdance - modern dance to contemporary music.



The activities are a way for students to get to know each other, make new friends, relax and recover. We will make at least one excursion to explore the small village of Herräng. Here, the groups will be divided in different ways and at least one activity is done all together.


SEK 2,900 per person and week, of which SEK 500 is a non-refundable deposit. The participation fee includes dinner on Thursday and lunch on Friday.
Our lunch package is five lunches (Sunday-Thursday) and is available for purchase onsite for SEK 500.


Registrations are now open! Please fill in the registration form here. Your spot will be confirmed after you have paid. If you are put on a waiting list, you will receive an email from us. After you have registered, please stay tuned for more information about the programme during the first week of June. For more information and payment options, please visit our website. For additional thoughts and questions, feel free to email us at info@kalabalindy.com.


There are several options: general accommodation, renting a room in Woodside, booking private housing or bringing a tent or caravan. All of these alternatives can be booked by emailing accommodation@herrang.com. Woodside is a simple accommodation option with a bunk bed (with mattress, duvet and pillow) in each room, where should you bring your own bed linen and towel. If you want to rent a room in Woodside, please contact Herräng Dance Camp. There are also several options on Airbnb.

A vernacular and spectacular welcome!


/Hanna, Mattias and the Swing Kids Swing Teens Crew

Swing Kids
Swing Kids

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