Dance the night away!

3 dancefloors, 7 nights a week – open as long as the last dancer is standing

It is well known that Herräng Dance Camp never sleeps, and its parties hold as many surprises as you can imagine and more. You might even ask yourself if you are dreaming! Enjoy music jams in Bar Bedlam, live shows on the Dansbana(na), amazing midnight crêpes, impromptu 4 a.m. choreographies by Chester Whitmore, dance jams to our live bands. Each year is different and brings new adventures – immerse yourself in the Herräng Dance Camp night magic!

What are the Theme Parties for 2024?

You can find all the information here.

Do I have to dress up for the evenings?

It is up to you. Our recommendation is that you look upon every night as a potential dress-up night, especially (and traditionally) on Slow Drag Night (Tuesday night's theme for The Ramble), and of course a suitable costume for Friday night's Theme Party. In general, it is advisable to freshen up and change clothes after your classes before entering the evening activities. If you tend to sweat a lot during dancing it does not hurt to also pack some extra shirts for the evening.

Theme parties

Join the party, every friday

Every Friday we celebrate the end of the week with a theme party. This tradition has been on (and off for a few years) almost since the beginning of camp and we think we have seen ‘pretty much everything’ but still, we aim high and look forward to see all of you dressed up in following themes

Week 1: Superheroes
There is no limit to our Universe, and the same goes for our imagination. Put it to use and show us your superheroes. Who is your biggest inspiration from fiction or from real life? Could be your mother, or Pippi Longstockings, Gandhi - doesn’t matter. Also, there are real life superheroes out there (promise, just look up “RLSH”). Whether you are a Marvel fan or a (H)DC fan, we will try making Herräng look like Earth 616, for at least one glorious Friday night. Super sonic tap shoes would definitely impress, not to mention mosquito repelling body armor. 360 degree vision would be perfect for any crowded dance floor. What masked, caped, handsomely clad super person would do the great world of Herräng even greatererer? For this party, that is up to you and your own fantastic four to decide. Avengers assemble (and keep the Hulk Smash off the dance floor)!

Week 2: Wonders of the World
Delve deep into the mythical seven wonders of the world, and celebrate your last night inspired by one of the classics! Come as a juicy piece of fruit from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, be the Bermuda Triangle, or a citizen of Atlantis - the sunken city. If you are more into reality we’re here for you too - what about going as the rings of Saturn, or one of the rivets holding the Golden Gate Bridge together? Are you a nature lover, then the great Victoria Falls or the mysterious Aurora Borealis (sometimes seen in Herräng) might spark your party mood? Asking UNESCO for world wonders, they will tell you about some ancient places - like the great Machu Picchu in Peru. Or you could just channel your favorite HDC wonder?

Week 3: Color Blue
Even if your favorite song happens to be Almost Blue by jazz legend Chet Baker, we want you to be blue in the happiest way possible for this week's party. There’s heaps of blue inspo around us in everyday objects, like your best jeans or favorite pen, your stash of blue M&Ms (or is it blueberries?). Let nature guide you to your blue - there’s flowers, birds, butterflies, fish - just dive straight into the Big Blue below, or gaze up into the same Blue Skies as Ella Fitzgerald did? For some fictional inspiration we have Smurfs and Avatars, there is Sonic, Stitch, Cookie Monster, and Gumball. Blue bonus for the lucky people that stay for all three HDC weeks: You can always reuse your Mystique superhero costume from Week 1.