Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

Herräng Winter Weekend 2017

Herräng Winter Weekend, 24-26 Nov 2017

It all started from a brief conversation at one of the Daily Meetings in Herräng during week 5 in early August. The conversation lead to a short meeting among some of our year-around staff and a decision was made: a winter weekend workshop, in Herräng! We have never tried doing something like that before. It's new to us and it's new to you. Our ambition is to offer a small scale back-to-the-roots kind of event. The artistic content will very much hold on to the Harlem traditions while the logistics and infrastructure will balance between the manual days of the 1990's and the electronic world of today. The program holds three levels of Lindy Hop classes plus some additional solo jazz, tap, mambo and african dancing, a line of Swedish instructors, Hornsgatan Ramblers and hopefully some snow and ice. Welcome to the winter version of the summer version. And as usual: it's all Jazz and it's all Unorthodox.



November 24-26, 2017


Priliminary schedule

13.30 - 14.30 TAP
14.40 - 15.40 MAMBO
16.10 - 17.10 AFRICAN
17.20 - 18.50 SOLO JAZZ

11.30 - 12.50 LINDY HOP
13.00 - 14.20 LINDY HOP
16.00 - 17.20 LINDY HOP

10.30 - 11.50 LINDY HOP
12.00 - 13.20 LINDY HOP
13.30 - 14.50 LINDY HOP


Lindy Hop: 
Åsa & Daniel Heedman
Alexandra Alhimovich & Lennart Westerlund
Marie N'diaye & Fredrik Dahlberg.

Solo classes:
Tap - Fredrik Dahlberg
Mambo - Saul Perez Valdes
African - Alhassane Camara
Solo Jazz - Daniel Heedman


The Friday classes are held on a one-level-only basis. The Saturday and Sunday classes are available on three different levels: BeginnersIntermediate, Intermediate and IntermediateAdvanced/Advanced (combined level). Group division will be done once in Herräng.


Friday night will offer a deejay (Frida Häggström Gert & Patrik Pettersson) social dance starting at 22.00 and finish late. Saturday night will offer a Hornsgatan Ramblers social dance starting at 22.00 and finishing late.


Two alternatives will be available: general accommodation (mattresses on the floor in the School) and private accommodation (bunkbeds in Woodside).


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be availble. Night-time service will include bar & café.


Own car, public transportation (SL) or our own Arlanda Airport shuttle service. The later will have one departure times from Arlanda to Herräng on Friday: 12.00. The Sunday afternoon will offer one departure time from Herräng to Arlanda: 16.00.

For travellers planning to make use of our airport shuttle service, please always allow enough time to clear check-in, passport control, customs, bags et cetera.




  • Three days passport including all classes plus two parties: SEK 1600
  • Two day passport Saturday-Sunday, including all Lindy Hop classes plus two parties: SEK 1200
  • One day passport Friday, including all solo classes plus the Friday party: SEK 600
  • Individual classes: SEK 200


  • SEK 150 per night


  • General Accommodation: SEK 100 per night in dormitory.
  • Private Accommodation: SEK 300 per night in shared double room.


  • Meal deal: SEK 450 including two breakfasts (Saturday and Sunday), two lunches (Saturday and Sunday) and two dinners (Friday and Saturday).
  • Individual prices are SEK 60 (breakfast), SEK 80 (lunch) and SEK 120 (dinner).


  • SEK 250 for a one-way transportation either way.


All alternatives are possible: visit us, send a letter, call or electronic registration here.

Herräng Dance Camp, Högalidsgatan 36a, 117 30 Stockholm, Sweden; telephone +4686434058; email info@herrang.com


*) No pre-payment are necessary, instead all fees are to be paid cash in SEK once in Herräng.