Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

A week in Herräng

Herräng offers a most extensive total programme covering anything from traditional one week full time programmes to short and sweet spontaneous visits complete with classes, social dances, theme parties, talk shows, cabarets and performances – all inside the historical as well as the contemporary concept of primarily African-American vernacular jazz music and jazz dancing. A selection of highly experienced teachers will be present, and a highly experienced and dedicaded line of organisers and staff personnel will also be present to make it all happen. The ambition is no doubt high; every possible effort will be made to build up and maintain a serious level of spirit and general quality over the entire period of camp.

The general overview below is intended to give you an approximate idea of the twenty-four-seven daily schedule during the 2023 Herräng Dance Camp.
A week in Herräng


The daytime profile of Herräng includes the strong majority of all classes, but also offers the full assortment of all our side-arrangements including food, drinks and general services. Furthermore, Herräng has a countryside location which opens up for potential excursions, beach life by the open sea and other nature activities in general.

Daytime In Herräng


The one week programmes will offer classes from Sundays until Fridays, and weekend programs will operate from Friday evenings until Sunday afternoons. On average, all these programs come with three classes per day between the approximate interval of ten o'clock in the morning and seven o'clock in the evening. Please observe that all classes are held in English with limited possibilities of any form of translation.

Dancing feet


The night-time profile of Herräng includes a battery of planned activities as well as a battery of spontaneous activities. The starting point – except on Fridays – is the Daily Meeting at 21.00 in our main building, Folkets Hus. From there on, the party is in full swing until the last guests are strolling back home somewhere around the time of the first morning classes. In this moment, night-time Herräng shakes hand with daytime Herräng, and underlines the well-known fact that Herräng never sleeps while the camp is on.


Daily Meetings are performed at 21.00 every evening from Saturday until Thursday every week. These meetings have a long and successful history and have over the years become an institution. The main purpose of the meetings is to pass on some overarching information and some swing dance education, but very often they end up more in the landscape of general entertainment with nuances of a Herrängish talk show.

Daily Meeting


Social dancing in Herräng starts at around 22.00 (right after the Daily Meeting) every night of the week, and goes on until the early morning. Herräng offers three separate dance floors: the Ballroom, the Dansbanan and the Library. Depending on the actual class programmes, appropriate music will be played to match the different dance styles. Herräng offers a large variety of qualified deejays and live bands to form the foundation for the social dance side of the programme. The evenings in Herräng are always very good for social dancing, and sometimes even spectacular considering the different themes and extraordinary deejays and bands. In general, one floor always offers solid Lindy Hop music, one floor offers music for whatever additional discipline (e.g. Balboa) a given week might offer, and finally, one floor (often the Library) offers Lindy Hop music in an obvious party setting (The Ramble), but with a special touch of for instance Be-bop, Latin swing, Rhythm'n'Blues, New Orleans, et cetera.

Evening Dance at Dansbanan


Since a handful of years, Herräng offers a series of discussions, interviews, film shows et cetera, under the umbrella name of Library Talk from Saturday to Thursday. The programmes start at 22.00 and normally last for about an hour. This is the forum where the past meets the present, and where history moves into our contemporary setting.




During any given week, Herräng will offer many different additional attractions such as contests, cabarets, performances et cetera. These activities are sometime scheduled in advance, but in many cases, they are scheduled on the spot once in Herräng. Among the pre-scheduled ones, the following events might be worthwhile to pay some extra attention to: band nights (often Sundays and Wednesdays), Cabaret Blue Moon (Thursdays) and general theme nights six days a week under the umbrella name of the Ramble, and a spectacular theme party to round off the week on Fridays. For 2023, smaller bands will play on Sunday evening, while a bigger band will play on Wednesday evenings.


Most evenings will offer additional classes in different dance forms and adjacent activities of general interest in addition to the regular classes during the day. These classes are sometime taught by our regular teachers, sometime by participants interested to pass on this or that. The subjects are not planned in advance, but are, once in Herräng, advertised on the same day as they are scheduled to happen.

Evening Classes


An established highlight of the evenings that will continue to edge even further into the party aspect of life. Starting at midnight six days a week, the Ramble will host illustrious theme parties that include dancing to Be-bop, Latin swing, Rhythm'n'Blues music et cetera. These theme parties will happen sometimes in the Ballroom, at most times in the Library.


The tradition of presenting a Thursday night cabaret in Herräng is an established institution since the early 1990s. The aim of the cabaret is very much to give students the opportunity to perform in a welcoming, Herrängish atmosphere while camp personnel support and take care of the surrounding logistics in the background. And, for those of you planning to participate on stage, please keep in mind that the audience in Herräng is both grateful as well as forgiving! Accordingly: we warmly welcome you to participate in the Herräng students' Cabaret Blue Moon of 2023!



The camp has a long tradition of offering one serious sleep-in morning of every week on Wednesday. At the same time this day is not only about sleeping: it is also about the possibility to perform cultural activities with (sometimes) a Swedish touch. A boat trip into the archipelago, a bike ride to a medieval church, a visit to a nearby ice-cream restaurant, a flamboyant cow safari or an excursion to the mines of Herräng. The alternatives will vary from week to week, but will always offer good possibilities to focus on something other than dancing for a while.

Cultural Activities