Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

Wilma Edlund

The Edlund siblings started dancing at the young age of seven (Viktor) and six (Wilma) with Swedish bugg. At a small dance camp in Luleå they came across Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie and got stuck. They learnt it mainly by watching videos on the computer. Today they are part of the Swedish National team in both Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop with a long and impressive result list. They have widened their horizons by attending a dance gymnasium where they´ve studied jazz, modern dancing, ballet and choreography. Together they travel around the world dancing, with Herräng as ”the place of the year”.
At Herräng and other events, they've been influenced by the legends and from all over the world. Both Viktor and Wilma have participated in various shows.
They love teaching, social dancing, performing and competing. They believe that the social scene is equally important as the competition scene and that both parts are important on the way of becoming a good Swing-dancer. Dancing is their passion! Together they want to spread the joy of dancing around the world. In their expression dancing is like an inofficall peace movement. It unites, gives new friends and lifts spirits like nothing else!