Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

Fredrik Dahlberg

Fredrik Dahlberg was born and raised in the upper class neighbourhoods of Eastern Stockholm. Never had he a thought of becoming a dancer. Instead he spent his days with listening to Hip-Hop and playing basketball. As a true rebel of his safe upbringing he moved to the south side and started to show interest in vintage jazz music. One of his friends took him to a lindy hop class and at first he didn't show much of talent, struggling with what was left and right and up and down. Soon after he joined the famous swing dance company Harlem Hot Shots. How is this even possible? With a mind set on nothing else (that is not entirely true) and some luck some might say. With a big portion of individual style and new ideas he brings something refreshing to the scene. He tried tap (and is still trying), but on the other hand he masters dances like the lindy hop, the charleston and of course the eccentric authentic jazz which has entitled him several big awards in only a short period of time. With the Harlem Hot Shots he travels the world regularly and together with the Carling Big Band he tours Sweden one month a year. Fredrik wants his floors slippery and the music swingin' like Basie. People often say - "I wonder, does this man have any bones in his body?" He has been teaching in several international events such as Frankie 100, Herräng Dance Camp, Camp Jitterbug and traveled to perform around the globe in such places as Singapore, Greece, Lithuania, Australia and Mozambique. He is also an important part of the puzzle Chicago Swing Dance Studio where he has been teaching, djing, cleaning, providing guests with a smile and dancing at every opportunity he gets. Fredrik is true to authentic ideals and as back in the days he comes up with his own moves. Who doesn't know about the ass breaker and the back breaker? Moves never before executed but now widely familiar for any dancer with a common knowledge of lindy hop. He also claims to have invented the double socks - but we all know this is not true. Fredrik also plays the trumpet like a boss. He plays with local small band The Hornsgatan Ramblers (formerly known as the Sidewalk Serenaders) where he acts as band leader. He is also a part of Morgan Berglund's Quartet. He sometimes answers to the name Handsome Fred - a name he came up with himself obsessed with his own looks. Everything he does is in connection to music and dance and before he used to work as a post man like Mr Frankie himself. Fredrik is a time optimist and an optimist in general. In his free time, which is almost non-existent, he writes poetry, quotes the Godfather trilogy and watches the NBA. Besides his mother tounge Swedish he also speaks fluent English and practices Portugues. You can contact him through the record store 'runtrunt' where he claims to be working. If he works or not is a good question but at least we know that's where he practices his footworks and crazy ideas.