Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

Arcadia Astorga

Arcadia Astorga

Arcadia and Konstantin are a dynamic dance duo based in Stockholm, Sweden, who have made a name for themselves as ambassadors of the Mambo & Salsa community in Scandinavia. Their passion for dance and culture has been a part of their lives since childhood, and they have dedicated themselves to keeping the Mambo & Salsa traditions alive in the North.

Arcadia, originally from Chile, and Konstantin, from Russia, met in Stockholm in 2013 and began working together to create dynamic, authentic performances that blend their diverse dance backgrounds. They draw from years of training in various styles such as jazz, street, modern, hiphop, reggaeton, classical, and more, and seamlessly integrate these elements into their Latin dance performances. Their vision is to create performances that focus on musical interpretation, elegance, and expression, always striving to deliver an unforgettable experience for the audience. They specialize in Mambo, Salsa, and other Latin dance performances and classes and create specifically tailored shows for dance groups, corporations, and theaters.

Over the years, Arcadia and Konstantin have traveled the world, studying and sharing the stage with some of the most renowned artists in the Salsa and Mambo scene. Their commitment to the art form has earned them a reputation as a talented and respected dance duo in the global dance community. Arcadia and Konstantin's dedication to their craft is fueled by their love of dance and their desire to share it with others. They believe that dance has the power to bring people together and create connections across cultures and languages. Through their work, they hope to inspire others to embrace their love for dance and share it with the world.