Herräng Dance Camp

27th June to 1st August

Registration now open
Welcome to Herräng

Swing Kids & Teens

”Swingkids goes Vaudeville!” – 2015

Week 1 (27/6-3/7) & Week 2 (4/7-10/7)


Welcome to this years edition of swingkids/swingteens summercamp. We will explore ”the heart of american entertainment”: Vaudeville! Vaudeville is a show with a wide range of artists and concists everything from dance, song, animals, cirkus and theater. This concept was popular during the late 1800 and all the way until 1930 which means it coexists with Lindy hop in a perfect way. Except Lindy hop, charleston and excentric dancing you will also get to try cirkusacts like groupacrobatics, Rolla-bolla, Diablo, Juggling walking on ropes! To inspire and teach you we have invited Björke & Sandra Bruun who are professional cirkusartists.

You will learn more about The Marx brothers, Josefine Baker (the girl dancing in a bananaskirt), Clayton ”Peg leg” Banes (the onelegged tapdancer) and Ann Pennington who 1926 brought Lindy hop to the world of Vaudeville.

The heart of our camp is offcourse still Lindy hop and the dance will fit perfectly on this journey through american show business!



Your own choice:

The choices are:

Week 1
-    Streetdance
-    More cirkus
-    Group&coupleacrobatics


Week 2
-    Streetdance or More cirkus


These classes will be mixed level and mixed ages.


During week 1 (not week 2) you can choose ”Couple&groupacrobatics” as Your own choice.

About the camp
 We do 15 classes (3-4 of them are ”your own choice”) in one week and Thursdaynight a small performance. Friday is an activityday and also tea-dance.

Week 1 (27/6-3/7) & Week 2 (4/7-10/7).
 The camp is 2200 sek.


Week 1 We aim to have three groups: Swingkids (9-12 years), Swingteens (13-15 years) and one continuation-group (mixed ages).

If there is enough students we do the third group. So you register for Swingkids or Swingteens depending on age and then Hanna & Mattias will divide the groups. You will be informed of which group in the infoletter we send you 9th of june.

Week 2 (International week) We offer Swingkids (9-12 years) and Swingteens (13-15 years).
This week we encourage all our international students to register and also all swedish kids who wants to practise some extra english! But we will offcourse also speak swedish in the classes.

Every night Saturday to Wednesday between 8-10pm we offer an activity in Folkets hus for all Swingkids & Swingteens.

 Create a Herräng-id with the NAME OF THE CHILD. 

”Your own choice” is written in the ”freetext-box”.

In the ”freetext-box” we also want you to write an emailadress that you check regularly.

 Also write the childs dance-experience here: How many years he/she danced Swingkids/Swingteens. How often you take danceclass during the year. Which style of dance you master and how many years you did it.

A heartly welcome to a world of Vaudeville!

See you!/ Hanna & Mattias Lundmark