Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

Safety & Values

The camp's main focus will always remain on the dance itself even if adjustments are being made to make everyone feel welcome and included at camp. We are proud to announce our Core Values & Safe Space policy that will further underline this in combination with how we expect all people to treat each other during camp.


For many years, Herräng Dance Camp has been a summer home to diverse people from many parts of the world and from all walks of life, very often from vastly different cultural backgrounds. It is our wish that everyone feels welcome at the event and is treated in a respectful manner. Herräng Dance Camp is meant to be a swing village for all, regardless of background or affiliations, and we aim to unite people under the art form that is swing dancing. We expect everyone to treat each other with dignity and acceptance. This camp will not tolerate any form of disrespect or aggression towards other attendees whether it be sexual, physical or emotional.

With this in mind, the following bullet points are reminders for all of our attendees:

  • Herräng Dance Camp reserves the right to refuse admittance to anybody; participant, artist or staff member that doesn't comply with the above.
  • Herräng Dance Camp reserves the right to ask you to leave camp without a refund should your actions be aggressive or affect other attendees in a negative way.


Herräng Dance Camp welcomes many visitors from all around the world in a single week, often with cultural differences and language barriers. Therefore, many frictions can be due to misunderstandings and miscommunication. We ask that all participants keep this in mind and engage in a respectful and receptive manner. Please also remember that the Reception is always available to help you.

If you see, hear or experience anything deemed inappropriate, harmful or dangerous to yourself or others, the first step is to react. This may help to defuse the situation and discourage any further inappropriate behaviours. If you are alone, seek help from nearby people or from our Reception. Please always report incidents to our Reception so that we are aware of what is happening during camp and that we can record any unwanted situations.

Please feel free to contact the reception at any time during office hours (map here), or call +46(0)86434058 at any time during camp. Our Reception crew has received training in CPR, defibrillation and other forms of crisis management, and we are also well-prepared for any non-life-threatening situations such as minor first aid, abuse, harassment or bullying of any kind. Reception has developed thorough protocols leveraging the expertise of various professionals and staff are trained to follow the correct procedures following any reported situation and emergency. We treat all issues brought to our attention with the strictest confidentiality in full accordance with Swedish laws and regulations.


The following bullet points are general practical rules during camp. Please read them carefully to understand and ensure a safe environment for all.

  • Herräng Dance Camp follows both Swedish laws and cultural values and norms seen within wider Swedish society which may differ from other countries. Please click here for an English summary of the most important Swedish values, norms and laws presented for foreigners.
  • Herräng Dance Camp follows all rules and regulations outlined by the Swedish government in regards to Covid-19. For further information about pre-existing rules, please click here.
  • By attending this festival, you agree to the terms and conditions surrounding registrations which can be found here.
  • Pictures and videos will be recorded for archival purposes during Herräng Dance Camp and may be used on social media or other forms of marketing. If you do not wish to appear in these, please let the photographer/videographer know. For more information regarding our privacy policy, please click here.
  • Bands and musicians are subject to change in the event that they are unable to join or for any changes in scheduling.
  • While help is always available, Herräng Dance Camp is ultimately not responsible for any incidents, injuries or theft of items and other valuables while at camp. Please look out for yourself, and for others.
  • Always remember that Herrang Dance Camp is hosted in a real village. Please be respectful and mindful of the locals who are not attending camp.


Most other dance camps are hosted in self-contained hotels or a small number of venues. In contrast, Herräng Dance Camp is set in an actual village with both festival-goers and ordinary people who are simply living their lives. Please look out for others as well as yourself like you would in any public space. After all, it takes a village.