Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap


Newsletter September


First of all and without any further delay: a big thank you very much to all of you that have participated one way or the other in this year's Herräng Dance Camp. In general and from our point of veiw, the event progressed very nicely over the weeks; we truly hope and believe that all of you visiting felt the same.



June 30 - August 4; the registration will open on December 1!


Newsletter July


Most programs are still open for registration. A few of the couple dance programs are closed and a few of them might still deal with an imbalance around followers and leaders. Most of them are however available; couple registrations (one follower and one leader) will always pass possible waiting lists. The Solo Jazz programs are all available except week 2. 



If possible, please follow the below advice which all are applicable for all dance program students as well as party pass holders: 

Newsletter May 2017


Two things can easily speed up the general procedure connected to the check-in once in Herräng: to pay the entire camp fee in advance and to upload your picture on your My Herräng account. The first suggestion will shorten the administration time, while the second will give us the possibility to print your HDC passport in advance. 


Newletter April 2017


If you are in need of getting a Swedish visa to be able to come to the event, please note that our visa service is open. The general procedure in connection to the process might consume a reasonable amount of time; accordingly, please do not wait until the last minute to initiate the application. 


Newsletter March 2017

Vacant positions
If you are interested to work in Heaven's Kitchen, Café Blue Moon, Bar Bedlam, Annedal's Pizzeria et cetera, please contact miss Grace Emamazion at +46760912473 or herrangvolunteer@gmail.com. Grace is the new manager for majority of the food service inside camp. Some of you might remember her from the downtown hamburger bar a few years ago, where she served Ethiopian food. 

Newsletter February 2017

Registration Status
The registration for the summer to come has been open for soon two months. The balance between the different weeks is so far not too bad; week number 2 has however taken the lead with soon 400 registered attendants, the other four weeks are very equal as far as sign-ups are concerned. At this moments, all programs are available for new registrations even though some of them might come with a temporary waiting-list since some of the disciplines and levels suffer from a lack of leaders.

Newsletter December 2016

Registration is opening!

We are exited to soon open the registration. Registration for courses week 1, to Staff Application and Fund Application will open December 1. Registration to courses week 2 will open December 2, week 3 will open December 3, week 4 will open December 4 and week 5 will open December 5. Welcome to register at www.herrang.com/myherrang.

Courses for 2017

Here is an overview of all the courses and when they take places for the summer to come:


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