Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

Herräng Monthly

Welcome to the Herräng Monthly. New! Ambitious! Kaleidoscopic! Description of content: all kinds of aspects on jazz music and swing dancing. From above. From behind. And from side to side. Once a month. Four different membership levels. All available details below. All available combinations below. First release in January 2021. Directly from Herräng to the swing dance world.

The editorial team for the Herräng Monthly consists of Stockholm-based Frida Häggström, Sandra Klack, Elin Rhodiner, Mattias Lundmark, Markus Rosendal and Lennart Westerlund. Our international correspondence crew consists of eWa Burak, (Washington DC), Sing Lim (Singapore), Martina Natella (Saarbrücken), Karina Shorets (Kraków) and Roumany Israil (Saarbrücken).

Available Chapters

A number of chapters will be produced each month, covering a broad range of subjects. The different chapters that will be available according to the selected membership plan are listed below:

  • Memory Lane: a cavalcade of nostalgic film clips from the long and winding history of the Herräng Dance Camp. One year will be chosen for each month to present a rhapsody of classes, performances, parties and all that jazz from around the clock.
  • Face to Face: Library Talk-style personal interviews capturing the portrait of recognized swing dance personalities. These impromptu recordings will be partly edited and might from time to time also offer inserted film clips.
  • Larry Schulz Archive: meet Frankie Manning and other swing dance legends at and around the Sandra Cameron Dance Studio in New York City during the 1980s and 90s. Presenting instructions, interviews, TV programs and other pictorial memorabilia from the early revival days of the New York scene.
  • Aspects on Music: come and spend some time with knowledgeable dancers, musicians and aficionados in general. Swing music and adjacent styles will take the front seat – expect analyses, opinions, comparisons …
  • Swing Class: learn new things from different internationally recognized swing dance teachers. Solo jazz, lindy hop, mambo, tap, balboa … the possibilities are endless and both classes and teachers will alternate from month to month.
  • International Outlook: follow our international correspondents (eWa Burak, Sing Lim, Martina Natella, Karina Shorets and Roumany Israil) giving their monthly updates on swing subjects both big and small in their respective regions.
  • Feature Affair: new one-off features on various subjects every month! Perhaps January will offer a close-up on the movie stars or major news headlines of the jazz age. February might highlight the scandals, the popular drinks, or the fashion of the times … any nitty-gritty low-down from the past or present may very well end up in the spotlight.
  • Only in Herräng: what are the defining features of a week in Herräng? Is it the classes and social dancing or are there other parameters that are even more essential? New friends. Summer romances. Midnight Ramble. The Marina. Daily Meetings. Maybe banana bread? This section will touch the soul of the event and revisit nuances that make Herräng unlike any other dance camp. 
  • Open Stage: our monthly talent competition based on new themes every month! All you need to do is to follow the theme, create something, record it, and finally send it to us. A good handful of acts will be chosen each month all subscribers to the Herräng Monthly are welcome. More details to come in the January edition.

The chapters above outlining our planned activities represent the starting point of the Herräng Monthly. New chapters and ideas are in the pipeline, and will be introduced during the spring.

Membership Alternatives

All chapters of the Herräng Monthly can be subscribed to with the type of plan determining what chapters are accessible. Four different membership plans will be available, as follows:

Bronze (€5/month):  The budget-friendly alternative which includes International Outlook, Only in Herräng and Open Stage.

Silver (€20/month): The more comprehensive alternative offering International Outlook, Only in Herräng, Memory Lane, Face to Face, Aspects on Music and Open Stage.

Gold (€35/month): The complete alternative. Includes all of our chapters: International Outlook, Only in Herräng, Memory Lane, Face to Face, Aspects on Music, Larry Schulz Archive, Swing Class, Feature Affair and Open Stage.

Gold+ (€50/month): The absolutely top-notch alternative, with access to all of our chapters: International Outlook, Only in Herräng, Memory Lane, Face to Face, Aspects on Music, Larry Schulz Archive, Swing Class, Feature Affair and Open Stage. Additionally, the subscription includes a donation of €15 a month to Herräng Dance Camp in order to keep us going in these difficult times.

How to Subscribe

To sign up for any of the above alternatives for yourself, please follow the link below. Also: please observe that the entire subscription service will open on January 1st 2021; please do not sign up before that date.



Thank you very much for your interest. For further information, please contact us at monthly@herranglogistics.com


Herräng Dance Camp and Herräng Monthly Editorial Team