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Taxi Share from Arlanda to Herrang - July 25, 18:00

Mon, 20/07/2015 - 23:09 -- hdc150797

Hello Everyone!

I've gotten a few quotes for a taxi from Arlanda to Herrang for around 1100 SEK. Would anyone be up for sharing (even partial is fine).  I'm also looking into UberPOP as an option.


My flight arrives on the 25th at 16:30 and the 18:00 is just an estimate (and definitely flexible) on getting money, buying snacks and looking into purchasing a local SIM card at the airport.



Submitted by hdc506418 on

Hi Gene,


Myself, Fleur and my friend Christy are looking to take a taxi, but she doesn't arrive until 18:15.

 So we're wanting to take a taxi around 18:45 maybe 19:00 

If you can wait a little longer, we'll be three sharing :)

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