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Local advice on bicycle transportation and lending

Tue, 09/06/2015 - 23:08 -- hdc562140


I am looking for advice from locals or experienced travelers: I will travel by train and ferry and would like to bring my own bicycle. Transportation is no big deal in most German trains and on the ferry, but I've read that the Swedish railway disallows bicycles completely or makes a big problem out of it. Is that still true? And does it also apply to busses?

Alternatively, is there a bike rental in Hallstavik where it may be possible to make a reservation?

Kind regards and thank you very much!


Submitted by hdc746368 on

Unfortunaly bikes are generally not allowed on neither trains nor buses. 

The camp has a first come first served bike rental. See https://www.herrang.com/camp-facilities

If you're staying in Hallstavik, check with the accomodation if they know of any bike rental nearby.