Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Welcome to Herräng 2016

First Time Visitor

We are super happy that you are joining us in camp this year! Herräng is something that you really need to experience for yourself to fully understand it - a magical bubble of dancing, creativity and fun!

Are you wondering what Swing Dancing is?

Swing is many things to many people, but mainly it refers to a musical genre known as "being from the 1920s, 30s and 40s".  Today a great revival of the music and dances has occured featuring modern day musicians and dancers.

Swing is an umbrella term that encompasses a great range of dances, all danced to that same musical genre. The mother of swing dances is the Lindy Hop (also known as the Jitterbug). Other dances within the swing family are Balboa, Charleston, Authentic / Solo Jazz, Shag, Tap and many more.

Beginners: New to swing dancing?

You may have some dance experience, or you may have two left feet - it doesn't matter. Everyone can swing dance. It's fun, it's social, it's healthy and it's addictive!

We offer Beginner courses during the festival: Beginner Half Week and Beginner Weekend courses. These assume no previous knowledge and are a great way to get started.

Wondering what happens during the camp?

As a first time visitor it can be a little daunting to find your way around and to figure out what is going on. Below is a small guide to the camp and what you can expect. You may also want to read about the Camp Facilities page and the Weekly Festivities page. Above all else, remember to bring your "yes" attitude and your community spirit.

When you have registered on the website and checked that the information corresponds to your preferred week, dance level and possible wish for an airport pick-up, all you have to do is pack your bags and prepare yourself for an intense week in Herräng. For beginners who would only prefer a weekend course, please read more under Beginner Weekends.

SATURDAYS - your first day

Each week in Herräng starts and finishes on Saturday. Depending on when you arrive on the Saturday of your chosen week, your first stop will normally be "Folkets Hus" where the check-in procedure takes place. Check-In starts at 15.00 (3pm) and closes at 18.00 (6pm). We try to get everyone registered as quickly as possible and the process has improved a lot over the years, but please be prepared for possible long queues, and therefore a long waiting time. If you arrive later than 18.00 you will have a second chance to register later that evening (in the Library room of Folkets Hus) or on Sunday morning (at Reception) before the classes start.

If you arrive before 15:00 (3pm) on Saturday then you may find the Folkets Hus area closed as the team set up and prepare check-in for you. We suggest you drop your bag in one of the dance tents in the School area and spend some time walking around getting to know the area. You could head to the beach for a swim, to the Marina to enjoy the view or just hang around camp and find some friends.


Check-In for weekly courses happens in the Dansbanan of Folkets Hus and opens at 15:00 (3pm) and closes at 18:00 (6pm). You do not need to bring anything to check-in except for the right amount of cash to pay for your classes and accommodation. At the check-in you pay for your coming week of classes and your general accommodation. You will be given our HDC Passport, a brochure with useful information about your stay in Herräng (including a map) and also a schedule for your classes. You will be allocated a bed if you have chosen to use, and paid for, the camp´s general accommodation, or camping. You may pay in cash or by visa or mastercard, we do not accept traveller or bank cheques. There is no ATM in Herräng. The possibility to exchange money in Herräng is non-existent, so please have Swedish Kronor (SEK) when you arrive in Herräng. For you who arrive at Arlanda Airport there is a possibility to exchange currency and use cash machines before you leave the airport terminal.

Beginner check-in happens on different days and at different times. Please check the Beginner Half Week page, or the Beginner Weekend page for more details.

Attention! Please make sure that your internet registration is correct before you arrive at the check-in.  Changes to your registration can be done on your My Herräng page under Courses.



When we refer to your "Passport" we do not mean your international travel passport, but your HDC Passport - which is the card you receive once you have checked in. Your Passport card shows your profile picture, the week you're attending, and the Class and Level you are registered for. You must carry your Passport with you at all times, especially during classes and to gain entry to the night time parties. Please don't lose your passport, as you may need to pay an admin fee to get a new one.



There are a few places to eat in camp: Heaven's Kitchen restaurant, Café Blue Moon, the Folkets Hus Bar, Ice Cream Parlour, the Kiosk (across from Kuggen), the Marina restaurant.  Alternatively you can buy groceries at the Kuggen (local small grocery store) and use the "Russian Kitchen" to cook in.

If you desire to buy a weekly food card at the Heaven's Kitchen restaurant (7 breakfasts and 7 dinners) you can purchase this at the entrance of the restaurant (your first meal will be the Saturday dinner).  The kiosk up the road has burgers, falafals, hot dogs etc. For lighter meals and snacks there is also "Kuggen" (the small supermarket up the road) and Bar Bedlam in "Folkets Hus". Lunch is up to each and everyone to organize for themselves. Café Blue Moon upstairs in Folkets Hus serves hot lunch and sandwiches every day. The Ice Cream Parlor offers a selection of sandwiches, banana bread, fruit, coffee and snacks. 

Vegetarian and vegan options are available in camp but they are limited. 

Ice Cream Parlour     Cafe Blue Moon     Bar Bedlam     Kuggen Store     Kiosk     Thai Food Stall


At 21.00 (9 p.m.) there is a meeting upstairs in the main hall of "Folkets Hus". The meetings are run daily from Saturday to Thursday between 21.00 to approximately 22.00 (9 to 10 p.m.). The meetings are informational, educational, and entertaining (live performances, dance related old film clips, etc). It is particularly wise to attend the first meeting, on Saturday, since it is full of important information for the coming week and newcomers, including auditions times and locations. If a dance level has too many dancers to fit into one class, the class will be divided (after the meeting). Where and when will be said during this first meeting.


These happen five nights per week (Sunday-Thursday). We are happy to present different lectures, film shows, panel discussions etcetera. The programs always start at 10 pm, and normally last for approximately one hour. This is the forum where the past meets the present, and where history moves into our contemporary setting.


The Library will this year host a special midnight (midnight - 3 am) theme four nights a week (Sunday-Wednesday). The themes can be as simple as that we play swing music with a special touch: be-bop, latin, rhythm and blues etcetera but can also be with a more extensive theme such as House Rent Party, Storyville, Battle of the DJs etcetera. From time to time we will also host late night events (starting at 3 am) with more eccentric themes.


About 30 minutes after the end of the Daily Meeting the social dancing will start up with either a DJ or live music, on three different dance floors in the main building "Folkets Hus". It continues until the last dancing couple has left the floor or when the next day’s morning-classes starts. There are 3 main dance floors in Folkets Hus - the Dansbanan, the Ballroom (upstairs) and the Library.


After the Daily Meeting there is usually an abundance of Evening Classes to choose from. These classes are preferably held by camp participants who want to share their knowledge and fun in an array of different dances or activities. Evening classes are not planned in advance of the camp so keep an eye on the Newsletter on noticeboards around the camp for up to date information. If you would like to contribute and fun an evening class then get in touch with the Events team in camp - ask Reception if you need help finding them.


One or more evenings of the week will have live music. Which day of the week varies from week to week. On Tuesdays it is Slow Drag Night in Herräng, on Thursdays it is Cabaret Night and on Fridays it is the Friday Night Masquerade. Please prepare your outfit or costume in advance to correspond to the theme of your week. The more effort you put in, the greater the parties will be. Please read more under the corresponding links if you want to find out more about the different Theme Evenings. You can read more about these nights on our Weekly Festivities page.



The classes will run from Sunday to Friday between approximately 10.00 - 20.00. (10 a.m. to 8 p.m.). As a student you have about three classes per day as an average. There are 18 classes in total during one week. All classes, Daily Meetings and all other activities will be held in English.


Your spare time between classes you spend according to your own preferences. A few suggestions: you can practice the new steps you have learned, row on lake Blåkaren, take a siesta down at the beach, or maybe have an ice cream at the Ice Cream Parlor?


A question we often receive is how to calculate a budget for a week in Herräng. Well, a week of classes costs SEK 4300, general accommodation costs SEK 200 and added to this is SEK 980 if you are interested in a week´s food card. If you have booked Private Accommodation there is the money for that (the sum varying on the type of accommodation you have booked). In addition to that lunches, bike hire, wifi connection, some pocket money for small things etc. Maybe a bit extra in case you want to buy new dancing shoes, dance DVDs, authentic dancing clothes etc in the Lindy Hop Shop. There is no ATM in Herräng. Please bring enough cash to get you through the week. 


Herräng is well known as a "bubble" where people come to learn and dance and forget the stress of the outside world and have fun. Although we do have the "Igloo" communication/internet centre in the School area, you will find that computers and smart phones are not permitted in the Folkets Hus or in the ICP area. We prefer that people put their technology away and interact and socialise in the good old fashioned way. Face to face. You never know who you might meet...


Herräng is a 24 hour camp and with so much going on it is easy to wear yourself out and to easily get sick. The Herräng Flu is notorious and can knock you out for some time. So we strongly suggest that you take care of yourself more in camp than you normally would at a dance event. Make sure you eat well, wash your hands regularly, drink lots of water and importantly try to get some sleep! It can be hard to go to bed when so much is happening, but trust us.. you'll feel better for it.  You may also want to bring extra vitamins, hand sanitiser and some flu medicine - just in case.


Dance camps can be hard to pack for, and Herräng is no exception. You need clothes for classes and clothes for social dancing. You also need something a little nicer to wear for slow drag night. If you are volunteering, then you may want to pack an extra pair of shorts or trousers that you are willing to get dirty as well. Check out our suggested packing list HERE.


If you are interested in what else there is at the camp, you can find it under Camp Facilities.

There is also lots of useful information in our Freaquently Asked Questions

If you still have questions and cannot find the answers on our website, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.