Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap


Can I register alone or do I need to register together with a dance partner?
Either are fine, but please keep in mind that the event make use of partner rotation in most classes except those where it is indicated that couple registration is a demand.
If I have registered and paid my possible registration fee, but I need to change class or level, who do I speak to?
If you want to change before the camp has started, please contact us at info@herrang.com.

Is it possible to arrive already on Friday night, and get access to a bed? 
You are of course welcome to arrive on Friday, but we're unable to guarantee you a bed. There might be some openings through General Accommodation (no pre-booking is possible), but to be on the safe side, please bring a tent, caravan or please make some private arrangements.
What time is the check-in and check-out for one week full time and half time programs?
Check-in opens at 15:00 on Saturdays; there is no need to be there earlier than that. It is also possible to perform the check-in later in the evening, alternatively on Sunday morning. The official check-out time is at 11.00 on Saturday morning at the end of your week.
What time is the check-in and check-out for short week programs?
The short week program (only Boogie Woogie Competition & Show, week 1) offers check-in at any time at your convenience on Sunday July 2 in the Reception. The check out will take place on Thursday July 6 at 11.00 at the latest.
What time is the check-in and check-out for weekend programs?
Weekend programs have their check-ins on Fridays in the Reception between 17.00 and 18.00, check-outs will take place on Monday morning before 11.00.

What time is the check-in and check-out for special programs?
The special programs( only Swing Kids and Swing Teens, week 1 and week 2) operate from a partly individual administrational platform; for detailed information, please visit their special page under headline Swing Kids and Swing Teens.
What is the procedure around the auditions?
The auditions are only performed on a few levels and disciplines, and are fairly informal and often divided in two parts: the Peer Audition (on Saturday evenings at 18:00) and the Teacher Audition (on Sunday mornings). For further details, please check our website under Classes (https://www.herrang.com/class-information).
Is it possible to take private lessons from the teachers in Herräng?
Many people take private lessons in Herräng. If you are interested, please speak directly to the teacher in question, agree on a price and find some space somewhere inside or outside the camp area.
Do I need to bring sheets, towels, et cetera? 
Yes. All accommodation alternatives in Herräng demand your own sheets, pillow cases, towels et cetera. The other necessities – mattress, duvet and pillow – are provided in all alternatives. If you will forget your beddings, General Accommodation might have some spare ones for sale.
Can I get a bed in General Accommodation if I only attend some evenings without having a class pass or a party pass?
General Accommodation is primarily for dancers taking classes or having party passes. If you are planning to visit Herräng for only a day or two, please be aware that no pre-booking for General Accommodation is possible to perform. At the same time and if we have vacant beds, the service will be available also for temporary visitors on a first come first served basis. Other possible alternatives are of course to make some private arrangements or to bring your own tent or caravan. 
Do I have to dress up for the evenings?
There are no dress codes in general except for the Savoy Night on Fridays, which is a pure swing dance dress up night. At the same time, many dancers dress up frequently for all kind of nights (especially for Slow Drag Night on Tuesdays) in Herräng. It's however advisable to freshen up and change clothes after your classes before entering the evening activities.
Can I use bank cards in Herräng?
Yes and no. In most institutions it's okay, but for instance in Café Blue Moon, Bar Bedlam, Annedals Pizzeria and some other services, the only way to do business is with Swedish cash. Please make sure to bring a reasonable amount (SEK 1000  –  SEK 2000) of notes and coins.
Where is the nearest ATM/cash machine?
There is no ATM in Herräng. The nearest machine is in Hallstavik, about 10 kilometres away from Herräng.
Where can I exchange foreign currency?
It is not possible to exchange foreign money in Herräng. The best place to exchange currency is at the airports or in any major city before you arrive at the camp.
Are there any lockers for valuables?
Yes, there are several metal lockers in connection to the School Area General Accommodation. Please don't forget to bring your own pad lock if you want to make use of them.
Is there vegan food available at the camp?
Yes, there are good vegan options available in Heaven's Kitchen, Ice Cream Parlor, Bar Bedlam and Café Blue Moon.

Can I get access to Internet in Herräng? 
Campers can buy a code to the wi-fi and make use of their own technical devices in the Internet Corridor, inside the School building. Tickets for internet access are available for purchase in the Ice Cream Parlor.
Can I send/receive snail-mail to/in Herräng?
Yes, but for the later, please don't forget to make sure that the name of the addressee is written on the letter/package. The official dance camp address is: Herräng Dance Camp, Herräng Folkets Hus, Folketshusvägen 5, 760 49 Herräng, Sweden.