Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap


Accommodation and Facilities

Where are the facilities for general accommodation located?
During any ordinary week, the camp offers four different choices: the School, the Gymnasium, the Malmen Accommodation and the Marina Accommodation. Our General Accommodation Office is located right outside Ice Cream Parlor in the School Area, and is open only on Saturdays. On all other days, please visit our permanent Reception instead.

How do I proceed to find a sleeping place in general accommodation?
The majority of our available beds/mattresses are located in the School Area. If you have booked yourself to stay in general accommodation, please perform your basic class check-in at Dansbanan behind Folkets Hus first, then bring your luggage, camp passport (which will be given to you during the basic class check-in procedure) et cetera, to the temporary (Saturdays) General Accommodation Office in the School Area. All our beds in general accommodation are numbered, so even though many people have their housing in the area, the procedure is well organized and less chaotic than it at first might appear. Another alternative for general accommodation sleeping arrangement, is to make use of the Marina Accommodation down by the open sea. If you prefer this alternative, please follow Herrängsvägen to the very end, and you will find a fairly big red building straight in front of you. About 40 beds are available inside the building, please feel free to make your own choice of sleeping place. A third alternative is to be found in a small building at the Malmen Sports Ground at the very end of Malmvägen. Some six to eight beds are available and they come on a first come first served basis. All the three alternatives are fully equipped with mattresses, covers and pillows; the only things you need to bring are sheets and pillow cases. If you have forgotten to bring such, please visit our General Accommodation Office or Reception to purchase a set. From time to time the camp will also make use of additional alternatives for general accommodation; information about such alternatives will be given by our Reception and/or our representative in the temporary (Saturdays) General Accommodation Office. Please note that all general accommodation alternatives primarily are dedicated to dancers during their week of classes. Party pass visitors not taking classes can book a bed in one of our Party Pass Tents at the School Area Camping Ground, or must bring their own tent/caravan or make private accommodation arrangements. However, if we have available space in our general accommodation, it is possible to purchase a bed from the General Accommodation Office or our Reception.

Do I need sheets, pillow-cases, towels, et cetera at all kind of accommodations?
Yes, no matter if you’re in general accommodation or in private housing, please always bring and make use of your own beddings. If you have forgotten to bring such, please visit our General Accommodation Office or Reception to purchase a set.

Where are the public toilets located?
There are several to choose from: in Folkets Hus, in the School, in the Gymnasium, in front of Lindy’s Laundry, on the side of the Pavilion, in the Red Sauna House, at the Malmen Accommodation and at the Marina. Also: all these facilities are equipped with some basic cleaning material, so please do not hesitate to clean up a little if necessary.

Where are the public showers located?
There are public showers located inside the Gymnasium Bathroom, in the Red Sauna House, outside the Pavilion and at Malmen; semi-private showers are located down by the Marina (the key is hanging inside our general accommodation in the same building). The water quality in Herräng is good, and most of the time warm. Please always be careful to not use unnecessary amounts of water when showering – the general system in Herräng is not built to supply water for two or three times as many people than usual, and an over-consumption can easily create major problems with both distribution and cleaning.

What is the procedure around electricity in the camping areas?
This alternative is only for caravans, vans et cetera, not for tents. The procedure follows the following order: get your vehicle approved, visit the Reception and pay the fee (SEK 400 per camper and week plus SEK 100 per caravan and day for electricity) and finally, bring your vehicle to the designated area(s) and arrange the practical connection in cooperation with our camping representative. Please note that you need to bring your own classified outside extension cable. If you arrive on a Saturday, please wait to visit the Reception (for payments) until Sunday since they are extremely busy with other things on Saturdays.

Is it possible to lock up private belongings at the camp?
Yes. In connection to our general accommodation (in the School Area and at the Marina) and in our Cloak Room in front of Folkets Hus, there are several metal lockers available. If you want to make use of one of them, please bring a padlock and feel free to lock up and store your belongings. If you need to buy a padlock, please visit the Lindy Hop Shop. Please always consider sharing a locker with some other people because there are  not enough lockers for each and everyone at the camp.

Information and Feedback

Where do I pick up information in general at the camp?
The official side of the camp has a handful of different channels to pass on general information:

1) our Daily Meeting – held every evening except Fridays at 21.00 in Folkets Hus Ballroom.
2) our two Information Boards (holding the same information), located outside of the Reception and outside the Red Sauna House.
3) the Reception itself.

The unofficial (messages from students) side of the camp has access to use two different Notice Boards, one located outside of the Reception, the other one outside the Red Sauna House.

Where do I go if I have suggestions, problems, complaints or general feedback around the event?
All these kind of matters are taken care of by the Reception, either through the mail box right outside their entrance door, or through direct contact with their personnel.

Who do I speak to if I have ideas for the Daily Meetings or the Library Talks?
The Daily Meetings in Herräng are presented six times per week and have a long tradition with its mix of information, education, entertainment and herrängish talk show. The meetings are very often presented in a free and spontaneous style, and many people are on and off involved giving contributions. The Library Talks started a handful of years ago, and are by now established and presented five times a week. Both these evening programs are presented by the camp’s Event department and are partly planned in advance, partly improvised. If you have ideas for either of those programs, please visit our Third Floor Office inside the Folkets Hus building.

Where can I leave and/or pick up printed material for other dance events?
The only official place for such material is inside the Lindy Hop Shop. If you want to display brochures, flyers et cetera, please give it to our staff in the shop. Material found elsewhere will be picked up and handed over to the Lindy Hop Shop.

Does the event offer any survey?
Yes, the survey will be sent out automatically in direct connection to each and every week.

Classes and Schedule

Should I bring my Herräng passport with me at all times?
Yes, please do and please look upon it as a valuable document. The card is your entrance ticket to both classes as well as many other activities. If you lose it, please visit our Reception and be prepared to pay an administration fee of SEK 500 to get a new one. 

Am I supposed to only follow my group’s schedule, or can I choose a little bit whatever I like?
The direct answer to the above question is simple: yes, you are supposed to only follow  the schedule of your own program. Please respect this basic rule at all times, and please be aware that we frequently perform passport controls during classes. With this in mind, we kindly ask you to follow the schedule of your program. Please do not look upon the  different programs as a giant smorgasbord with self-service. But are there no exceptions from the above? Yes, there are. And to tell the entire truth: when for instance, we have an imbalance between followers and leaders in a group, you can actually help us by being present in a program that is not your own. However, there are some criterias that have to be fulfilled before entering a class that is not in your schedule:

• That you have a valid passport for the day in question
• That you belong to the discpline in question on the same or higher level
• That you will not in a negative way affect the balance between followers and leaders
• That the class is not crowded already
• That you have asked and been given permission by the instructing teacher

If you find the above criteria fulfilled, please feel welcome to join in and participate. For further information, please check in with our Reception.

If I want to change program, who do I speak to?
Please speak directly to our Reception and they will explain the procedure. Please also  notice that Sunday evenings are the only time when it’s possible to change program. All programs will be level checked on Sundays and accordingly all level changes will be possible only with the approval of our staff and teachers.

When and where will the level split for Lindy Hop Intermediate take place?
The procedure will be performed at Dansbanan right after the premiere Daily Meeting on Saturday evening, at approximately 22.00.

When and where will the audition for the IntermediateAdvanced and the Advanced classes in Lindy Hop and Balboa take place?
For those two levels, there will be two rounds of auditions: the first one will be held on Saturday evening at 19.15 in one of the tents in the School Area, the second one will take place on Sunday during your first class. Please also notice that if you don't qualify for any of those two levels, there is a possibility that you will be moved to a lower level.

Is there always an absolute balance between followers and leaders in the different programs?
No, some of them will come with an imbalance. Herräng Dance Camp has for many years been dealing with both situations and opinions around this subject. A few years ago, we decided to accept a certain degree of imbalance, partly because we do not believe it’s an insurmountable problem to have an imbalance in some programs, partly because we have the opinion that the camp of today represents much more than only the classes. We will however do our best to even out the different programs, but please do never expect things to be completely 50/50 – the nature of the camp itself seems to avoid the mathematical harmony of absolute balance.

Is it possible to take private lessons from the teachers in Herräng?
This is something the camp administration is not involved in. Instead, if you are interested in taking a private lesson, please speak directly to the teacher in question. It’s up to him or her to say yes or no, and it’s up to the both of you to agree on a possible compensation. If you need access to a dance floor, please feel free to make use of any of ours that is not booked for anything else. At the same time, please note that it’s never possible to look upon such a free dance floor as a private area – other interested dancers must also be given access.


What activities take place in the evenings of the camp?
The first thing happening every evening after dinner (excluding Fridays) is the Daily Meeting, which starts at 21.00 sharp. Thereafter we normally have a variety of things on the menu, always including late night/early morning dances, but also other activities such as lectures, film shows, crash courses, theme programs, jam sessions, et cetera. All these additional programs are always to be found on our Information Boards the same day as they are scheduled for .

Are some evenings more special than other?
All nights are kind of special in Herräng! Live bands are playing at least three nights a week (often Sunday, Monday and Friday), the Midnight Ramble concept offers six small theme nights per week, and in addition all weeks are rounded off with Cabaret Blue Moon (Thursday) and finally the extravaganza Savoy Night on every Friday. Sometime other nights also turn into something special but then on a more spontaneous and last minute basis.

Do I have to dress up for the evenings?
It’s your choice. Our recommendation is that you look upon every night as a potential dress-up night, especially and traditionally Slow Drag Night (Tuesday night theme of Midnight Ramble) and Savoy Night (compulsory dress-up night; no jeans, t-shirts, shorts et cetera) on Fridays. In general, it is advisable to freshen up and change clothes after your classes before entering the evening activities.

General Practicalities

What about foreign currency in Herräng?
The possibility of exchanging foreign currency (bank notes, private cheques et cetera) in Herräng or nearby Hallstavik is unfortunately no longer existing. The best places to exchange currency or cheques are at the airport or in any of the major cities in the area.

Can I make use of my bank cards in Herräng?
Often yes and occasionally no. The camp itself accepts cards, as well as cash, at the check-in, Entrance Gate, Reception, Lindy Hop Shop and all food and drink places. In the village, both the grocery store and the kiosk also offer card services. If you need cash from your card, the nearest machine is in nearby Hallstavik.

Where can I make phone calls?
If you are in need of making a call and have no private phone available, please visit our Reception and they will sort it out for you.

Where can I perform private work and disappear into cyber space?
The only public alternative within the camp areas is the Internet Corridor inside the School. The area provides with some chairs and desks, and wi-fi access can be bought at nearby Ice Cream Parlor.

Does the camp come with any restrictions concerning the use of electronic devices?
Many environments today seem to have been taken over by different electronic devices. Herräng has from the very beginning been a place where personal and direct communication has been looked upon as important and often prioritized. The camp has the intention to continue to support this idea and would therefore appreciate your co-operation on the following: we would like all areas inside Folkets Hus (including Bar Bedlam, Café Blue Moon, Library et cetera) and Ice Cream Parlor (including the ICP Tent) to be free from electronic devices  such as laptops, iPads, smartphones, et cetera. All other areas are okay as far as we are  concerned. Thank you very much for your co-operation on this matter.

What is the official address to the camp and where can I pick up ordinary mail?
Herräng Dance Camp, Herräng Folkets Hus, Folketshusvägen 5, 760 49 Herräng, Sweden.
Telephone: +46 (08) 6434058; e-mail: info@herrang.com. If we receive a message or  letter for you, we will leave a message at our Information Boards. Please always  check there, especially if you are expecting something to arrive.

Where can I find the timetable for the public buses?
The main bus stop in Herräng is outside the downtown kiosk, and it also provides information about  times and destinations. The same information can also be found on the Information  Boards, and the personnel at the Reception can also provide you with further details  about routes and alternatives. Another possibility is to check directly online at www.sl.se.  Please notice that we seriously advise visitors to catch the bus only from the stop right  outside of the Kiosk, not at any other stop since they from time to time seem to be unpredictable.

Where can I do my laundry?
Two different public alternatives are available: our own manned Lindy’s Laundry and  the washing machines down by the Marina. The first one has prices based on weight, the  second one has a set price per machine. For further details concerning these two options, please check under Internal and External Facilities.

What if I lose something during the camp?
If you lose something, please check the Lost & Found box in the Cloak Room right in front of Folkets Hus . You will have until the last day of the camp (August 1) to claim your belongings. After this date, we will donate everything to a charity organization.  All obvious valuables will however be kept at our main office in Stockholm throughout  September. Please contact us if you have lost any valuables and we will check if we have them in our possession.

Is there vegan and vegetarian food available at the camp?
Yes, there are good vegan and vegetarian options available from Bar Bedlam, Café Blue Moon, Ice Cream Parlor and Banana Club.

Am I allowed to smoke at the camp?
Yes, but not indoors or very close to our facilities. And thank you very much in advance for not spreading butt-ends all over the place.

Where can I address my health care questions?
The event offers a Doctor’s Office located inside the Woodside building. A sign on the Information Boards shows the opening hours. Please also note that our Reception is also able to handle emergencies and situations. Another alternative is to contact the Swedish nursing advice service, open 24 hours a day, at phone number 1177. The nearest hospital  is in Norrtälje (0176-326000), but Hallstavik offers a small local clinic (0175-430210)  and also a pharmacy (0771-612612). In case of serious emergencies, please call 112. Our own Lindy Hop Shop and the Herräng grocery store both offer a basic pharmacy selection.

Where do I leave garbage at the camp?
The camp has an ambition to recycle as much as possible and to succeed with this we  need your active support. At several places we have put small centres for basic recycling. All these four places are  equipped with a handful of different kind of barrels: for glass, for metal, for plastic, for  return bottles and cans and for ordinary household waste. Please try to clean and separate  items before leaving things in the appropriate barrel. We will on a frequent basis empty  these and pass on recyclable materials to the Recycling Centre in Hallstavik. Another place where you can leave recyclable things is outside the grocery store, Kuggen. There are  big containers for glass (both transparent and coloured), metal, plastic (soft and hard), cardboard and also a small one for batteries (batteries, bulbs, electronics et cetera can also be left in a box inside the Tool Box outside of Folkets Hus).

Am I allowed to make use of my video camera whenever I feel like it?
The question is difficult to answer since it depends on the situation. In general, we believe  it is okay to make use of cameras all over the camp areas as long as no conflicting restrictions are applied, and as long as the people in front of the camera agree. However and please pay attention: some areas of the event have such restrictions, and are primarily not areas for extended photo sessions. In general classes, please do not film randomly since other dancers might not appreciate the action; instead it is advisable to focus the camera work only at possible re-caps, which are often performed at the end of classes. In all other situations we trust your judgement and believe that you will use your camera in a discreet and tactful way. Please also notice that the camp administration has given permanent camera permissions to a handful of people since they have official positions at the camp.

How does the Airport Shuttle service to Arlanda Airport work?
The shuttle service is basically a transportation alternative for dancers travelling from/to Arlanda Airport on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Bookings can be made at any time, but to guarantee a seat on the bus, please book the service (in our Reception or over the internet) no later than 48 hours in advance. The price for a single trip is SEK 350, or SEK 200 for dancers between 7 and 17 years old, and free for children under seven years old. The travelling time is approximately 90 minutes.
The service from Arlanda to Herräng starts on Saturday June 26 and finishes on Sunday July 26, and follows the following timetable: Fridays 19.00 – Saturdays 09.00, 13.00, 17.00 and 21.00 – Sundays 12.00. The service from Herräng to Arlanda starts on Saturday July 4 and finishes on Saturday August 1, and follows the following timetable: Saturdays 06.00, 11.00, 15.00 and 19.00 – Sundays 10.00.

What about fire extinguishers, emergency exits, hand sanitizers and defibrillators?

Each facility has its own set of fire prevention equipment, and we kindly ask every student to find a little time to look around and see where to find fire extinguishers and where the exit routes in case of emergencies (please follow the signs) are located. There are fire  maps in all of our General Accommodation facilities that can serve as a guideline. As a part of fire prevention, no fabrics can hang from bunk beds and the space between beds must be kept free from luggage and large items at all time. 

We have furthermore posted maps of the emergency exits and locations of fire extinguishers and fire hoses in the main entrance of Folkets Hus, in the School and at the camping ground. In case of fire, please rescue/assist anyone to escape the fire, call 112 (Swedish Emergency Services) and if possible, try to extinguish the fire.  Please follow these rules and help us to prevent any emergency situation. Hand sanitizers are to be found all around the active dance floors; also, please do not forget to wash your hands as often as possible to prevent the well-known Herräng flu. The camp has two defibrillators (heart starters): one hanging on the wall in the hallway between the Folkets Hus foyer and Dansbanan, the second one located in the hallway between Ice Cream Parlor and Gymnasium General Accommodation.


What is worth knowing about Herräng itself?
The village of Herräng has an interesting history, closely connected to the once very important ore-mining industry in Sweden. Not much is today left of this business, but until quite recently, Herräng was no doubt very busy place. The roots of this little village goes deep into the latter part of the medieval period, and the embryos of the rising Swedish dream to govern large pieces of northern Europe. For many hundreds of years, this little village together with many similar located all over Sweden, provided the nation with the necessary metal to offer a relative wealth to the country’s inhabitants. In Herräng, this continued on a bigger or smaller scale until the early 1960s, when suddenly the business was found non-profitable, and within a few years the last mines (many of them are of course still to be found here and there in the forest; the nearest one is located only 50 metres behind Folkets Hus, the biggest one – Eknäsgruvan – is located about 300 metres away in the same direction) were closed and an era came to its end. Many of the people living here moved out, most of the stores closed, the harbour disappeared and an unusual silence replaced the once so lively atmosphere. Since then Herräng has experienced a sleepy existence in the outskirts of nowhere, but with a strong wish to survive not only as a summer village but also as a community worthwhile living in during all the twelve months of the year.

Do the inhabitants of Herräng enjoy facing a dance invasion of their village every year in July?
Yes, but also no. Most people seem to enjoy having the camp around, but at the same  time we have to keep in mind that we actually change the structure of the village quite a lot. Therefore, please always remember that we all are guests in the area – especially at night it’s important to not make a lot of unnecessary noise while walking around in the village. From us organizing the event, we would very much appreciate if you could keep the above in mind and for this we thank you in advance.