Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

Lindy Hop - Competition & Show

Even though the Lindy Hop primarily is a social dance, a competition form of it has always been present. This direction of the dance form has often been executed to fairly fast music and already from around 1936-1937, it also took to the air. Today's contemporary Lindy Hop scene offers a handful of prestigeous competitions all around the world for both amateurs as well as professionals. Please notice that this is the only track in Herräng that seriously includes air steps on a frequent basis.

This special program is meant for dancers coming to Herräng with a specific goal in mind: to become better, not primarily as social dancers, but as contestants and performers. The program is meant for couples, on at least general intermediateadvanced level (there will be a small audition performed separating less experienced dancers from more experienced dancers into two different groups), and no partner rotation will be performed. The classes will focus around the stage aspects of dancing including execution, presence, partner work, choreographies and general material (including basic air-steps) and exercises around spotlight situations. The program will furthermore deal with all kind of tempi and colours of the dance form.

For this program you have to sign up together with a partner. Please refer to the Lindy Hop level descriptions (pasted below) for IntermediateAdvanced and Advanced.

Lindy Hop - Competition & Show Alternatives: 
This combined level is for experienced dancers, not gold-diggers. We believe that students showing up at this program are confident, technically knowledgable and fairly fluent in the rhythmical language around the dance form. The material in circulation in this program will be challenging from all aspects: rhythmically, technically and tempo wise. Please pay attention that this program demands couple registration.

Available: Week 3