Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap


Every night in Herräng, three different dance floors are in full swing, sometime orchestrated by live bands, sometime by deejays. The camp often holds a handful of so called staff deejays, but guest appearances are also frequent. As soon as our staff deejay list is complete, we will publish all names and applicble weeks on this page.
If you have questions about deejays in Herräng please contact Meghan at dj@herrang.com.

Deejay coordinators 2017 
Meghan Gilmore
Meghan Gilmore (Canada)

Jon Tigert
Jon Tigert (USA)
Deejays week 1
Elena Evangelia
Elena Evangelia (Greece) (Boogie Woogie)

Philippe Crompton-Roberts
Philippe Crompton-Roberts (Hong Kong)

Rasmus Holmqvist
Rasmus "RazzleDazzle" Holmqvist (Sweden) (Boogie Woogie)

Miroslav Mironov (Bulgaria)

Deejays week 2
Jonas Larsson
Jonas Larsson (Sweden)

Anton Cervin
Anton Cervin (Sweden)


Marijke Knockaert (Belgium)

Mel Schoeneweiss
Mel Schoeneweiss (Germany) 

Deejays week 3 

Steven Coombe (UK)

Super Heidi (Netherlands)


Helena Martins
Helena Martins (Brazil)

Arnas Razgūnas
Arnas Razgūnas (Lithuania)

Laura Spencer
Laura Spencer (USA)
Deejays week 4
Alexey Kazennov
Alexey "king of the late night" Kazennov (Russia)

Sam Carroll
Sam Carroll (Australia)

Jonas Olsson
Jonas Olsson (Denmark)

Laura Knight
Laura Knight (UK)

Arnas Razgūnas
Arnas Razgunas (Lithuania)


Deejays week 5
Susanne Kenross
(Susanna Kennros (Sweden)

Dan Repsch
Dan Repsch (USA/Canada)

Vasily Muravyev
Vasily Muravyev (Russia)

DJ Flow (France)

Guest deejays
Frida Häggström Gerdt
Frida Häggström Gerdt (Sweden)

Stephan Wuthe
Stephan Wuthe

Big Papa Mac
Big Papa Mac