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2nd July to 6th August

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17th July Arlanda to Herrang - early afternoon taxi share

Wed, 06/05/2015 - 07:38 -- hdc379220

Hi all,

I'll be heading to Herrang in the early afternoon of Friday 17th July from Arlanda (my flight lands at 12:30 p.m.) and I'm looking for others to share a taxi with. If you're interested in sharing, message me here or email me at chris.sutton00@gmail.com



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Hi Chris,

we shared a taxi our first year to Herräng, because it seemed so comfortable and less fuss.
In the end it was just expensive (1300 SEK), even though we shared.
Instead use the public bus, or perhaps the commuter train to Uppsala and continue by bus from there
(forget about Arlanda Express to Uppsala, which is expensive, too).
It is soo easy to get to Herräng, especially on a Friday early afternoon!
It will only be a fraction of the cost, and it is the same scenic ride.
Your can plan ahead your entire tour very well here in the travel planer:
(see the upper right side and enter destination "Herräng skola")

And then just need to buy the ticket at the airport in Sky City terminal at the friendly ticket counter.
It is about 90-120 SEK (less than 15 EUR). You can limit to 2 changes and two hours ride.
Other connections might take longer than you want, and 3 changes.
You also need NOT detour from Arlanda to Stockholm downtown, and back North again, as found in some sources (e.g the camp's?).
Kudos to Lloyd, who posted this public transportation idea already more than a decade ago in his almost annual HDC camp reports (google that).
Saturdays there are much less bus tours, but still doable, when early enough in the morning or early afternoon.
Sorry for those, who arrive very late. Then a shared taxi might be the best option and less stress.
Or check the camp's limousine service (bus) schedule.
I am a fan of that option to comfortably get back to the airport and catch my plane, when I leave the camp.

Submitted by hdc379220 on

Thanks so much for the advice! This sounds like a much better way to go :)