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19.7. from Arlanda to herrang 200 SEK

Mon, 14/07/2014 - 13:15 -- hdc794411


Hello! who wants to share a taxi to herrang at 2.30 or 3 in the afternoon? would be 200 SEK (if we are 3 persons, if not it would be 300 SEK) because there is a private driver.


Submitted by hdc961637 on

I'd like to share a taxi leaving Arlanda at approx. 2.30 on July 19th! :) How do we coordinate?


Submitted by hdc979297 on

Hello! My name is Gloria. I've already answered to you (hdc794411) in an older ad, I didn’t realised this one before. We are 3 people arriving to Arlanda at 2:35 PM and want to share a taxi too!! How many people are you? Only you? 

In case you are going with hdc961637 (because has answered first, it's is fair), can you tell me how did you find that private rider? It is a good price, maybe he/she has a colleague who wants to take us there, too.

Submitted by hdc794411 on

Hello everybody!!!

I can take 2 people with me. It will be 200 SEK per person. If it will be only 961637, then we have to pay 300 SEK each. My mobil is 00491704686584. My mail f.nees@web.de. Please confirm as soon as posible.


Submitted by hdc794411 on


The private driver cancelled right now..... But we can share a taxi, if you want. So we are 4 people, you 3 and I . Then it will be 300 or 350 each. You want to do that? My name is Frauke from Berlin. My mobil 00491704686584.

Sorry number 961637, but the taxi take max. 4 people.


Submitted by hdc502788 on

I'd like to share a taxi at 19-h ~2.30PM too! How can we meet each other?


Submitted by hdc794411 on

nice!!! let´s try to get a big car!!! let´s meet at terminal 5 outside at the taxi station. I have a big green luggage. would be great if you all write your names and mobil numbers!!!!!!!!


Submitted by hdc794411 on

Hello Viktar,

I am Frauke. Let´s share. I arrive 2.10 with airberlin coming from Berlin. You want to meet at terminal 5 outside where the taxis are??


Submitted by hdc502788 on

Nice idea,  Frauke! 

I will be in light blue jeans, a black backpack and red suitcase. Terminal 5, taxi.

All agree to meet there?

Submitted by hdc794411 on

perfect :-)

Submitted by hdc502788 on

Sorry, my correct tel.is +79252801517 

Submitted by hdc961637 on

I'll withdraw myself from this thread - I've found an earlier ride share (I already arrive at 12.25, so I'm planning on taking a taxi soon thereafter instead of waiting until 2.30). See you all at the camp! :)

Submitted by hdc979297 on

Hi, Frauke and Viktar!

We 3 (Ibon, Vero and I, Gloria) arrive at 2:35 coming from Madrid. If you don't mind waiting a little bit for us we can try to get a big taxi. We are 2 girls (I'm ginger curly haired and Vero is brunette with fringe) and a boy quite tall and without hair (poor him! haha).

My email is glorobles@hotmail.com and my mobile number is +34647580044.

Ibon: ibonlabiano11@yahoo.es   +34 605 73 39 84

Vero: correodeveronika@yahoo.es   +34669568053

If once there you decide not to wait, please let me know (maybe with an SMS, because I'm not sure if there is free WIFI at the airport). 



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