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2nd July to 6th August

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Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap

Late Night Taxi Share Arlanda - Herrang 12th July

Fri, 20/06/2014 - 00:39 -- hdc649877

I'll be arriving at Arlanda Airport at 22.20 on 12th of July... if anyone else is getting in late and wants to share a ride to Herrang, give a shout!

Submitted by hdc649877 on

just replied on the forum page to this... not sure if you get notified... ??

Wondering of you have any idea how much a taxi would cost? I can't find any info and have a feeling between just two people it might be crazy expensive... 



Submitted by hdc649877 on

Ah! Great! Although depending on whether we can find more people, it might be suuuuuper expensive for a taxi. Trying to find out how much one would cost... do you have any idea? 

Submitted by hdc447732 on

Hey, thanks for replying!

Actually on the 'housing and travel' page the trip for up to 4 persons is around 1400 sek. I guess it will be similar for two people.

It's a bit more than twice the price of the airport shuttle if we divide it by 2, but it doesn't really matter to me since otherwise I'll probably stay for an extra night in Stockholm and pay something similar to this extra..

The other solution is to spend the night at the airport :)


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You're right... I think we should bite the bullet and pay for a taxi. We might even find a stray Herrang-er at the airport looking to find their way to the camp and share the taxi fee too ;-). But like you say, it'll still be cheaper than finding somewhere alternative to stay for the night. Where are you flying from? I'm coming from London. 

Submitted by hdc649877 on

Hey! Haven't heard back from you so will look into getting my own transport to the venue... Hope to hear from you or we may be passing ex bother without knowing it and miss a ride share :-(. Give a shout if you can!