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Thoughts on female leads

Tue, 27/05/2014 - 02:08 -- hdc723325

What are the thoughts towards female leads at Herrang? 

I've never been to Herrang, or danced much outside of my home community, so I am not sure how others feel towards female leads. At home, I dance both lead and follow because we are short of leads (male leads in particular). Thus, gender roles have become obsolete. I'm not sure if the wider swing dance community shares this view and I'm curious to see how others feel. While I am currently on the waitlist as a follow, I am debating signing up as a lead (no waitlist). I would be wary, however, of becoming "that girl" who leads and then never get to follow. I love dancing both roles and hope to improve both while at camp.

How do you feel about female leads? I'm curious to hear opinions from both leads and follows.

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I personally think that female leads are also great. Also for the personal improvements, this could be good for you. Problem could be, that you couldn't change roles in a class where you registered as leader, because others might not be able to dance the leader role :) which week would you register and which level? Maybe you could be my partner, I am searching for a leader for week 5 BeginnersIntermediate.


Have a nice day :)


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I'm a female follow/lead from Stockholm who has signed up as lead for Herräng this summer, and I'm really looking forward to it. My main reason for signing as a lead instead of follow is that I usually enjoy taking classes a lot more from the lead perspective, but not having to be on waiting list sure is a good thing as well.
I don't foresee any problems with dancing lead in class and then alternating leading and following in the evenings, at least not due to other dancers' opinions on female leads. My general impression from the Stockholm lindy scene is that people are quite open to dancing outside of the usual gender roles. So any issues with getting to follow on the social floor would be more due to potential imbalance between leads/follows than what role you have chosen for the classes.
Of course it cannot be disregarded that if you would dance as follow in class you would get to know a number of leads, and that might make it easier to get dances as a follow in the evenings - regardless of whether you prefer to ask them to dance or the other way around. But I wouldn't see that as a major issue, really.
Good luck and have fun in Herräng, whatever you decide to do!

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I wouldn't worry about it. You won't be able to change roles in classes but socially it's not going to be a problem.
Even though Herräng is a parallell universe that can't really be compared to any other place, I'm with Sara on this one: Judging by my limited experience from Swedish Lindy scenes female leads and male leads are not only accepted but encouraged. I've only been to Herräng once, but we had at least 2 female leads in our I/A class, I can't remember if they danced both roles socially though...


Good luck!


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Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm so happy to hear that female leads are fine. I've decided to sign up as one since I think I will get more out of the lessons and more to take back home to my friends here. :) (Sorry, Irina, but I'm doing week 4)

Have a great time at camp!


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I also dance both roles, I startet to lead for the same reason as you did, but I must say that I like it more and more I dance longer. Where I live we have  a few female leads, we dance often together and change roles so we get to dance the follower to.  Last Saturday I experienced something very new, four guys  asked me to lead them as followers, till now it was only one who has being asking  me to lead him.  Befor I only saw male instructors dancing together on the floor, but now more guys are dancing together like the females. I think for two reasons, because every one knows that if you dance the other role you dance yours better, and it is just fun, not doing always the same thing.  At least the guys I was dancing with had much fun, it was a real challenge for them to follow.   I will be in week 2 and I am sure that I will not be the only female leader.

For me it is all about having fun, enjoy Herräng.