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2nd July to 6th August

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Taxi to share from Stockholm central station to Herrang 30 July

Sat, 16/07/2016 - 09:56 -- hdc810915


Anyone who wants to share a taxi for the week 5, on Saturday 30th july from Stockholm central station to Herrang?



Submitted by hdc250500 on

I´ve got a spot in my car. 



Submitted by hdc810915 on

That's great Kajsa. It would be nice to share the trip and of course also the fuel cost.

At what time do you want to leave?

I leave below my contacts so we orgise the time

Send me an email, when you can,  so we can exchange more info :-)



+32 475 813340



Submitted by hdc178591 on


I am Nelli and I also would like to go from Stockholm c to herrang on this saturday 30th july. 

My question is that, have you got one more place in the car for me or it is full. I really would like to join you this trip, because it will be more easier and enjoyable.

It would be a big help for me, because now I feel myself desperate about how will I get to Herrang.

So I really hope share trip will be possibly.


Thanks for your time!

I waiting for your answer and I hope it will be positive!

Kind regards, Nelli

Submitted by hdc749122 on


I'm looking to go as well, maybe we can share if the car is full? You can find me on Facebook Noelle J Dennis if you want to try and make a plan!! :)

Submitted by hdc250500 on

Hi Nelli!

I got one more spot in my car for saturday, leaving Stockholm around lunchtime. Text me and we´ll make plans.

Best regards