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Public transport Stockholm-Herräng 9 July, cost?

Mon, 27/06/2016 - 12:46 -- hdc940219

Hi all,

Is anyone taking public transportation from Stockholm (city) to Herräng on 9 July? I'm trying to decide between public transport and sharing a taxi.

Does anyone know how much the journey would cost on public transport, can't seem to find that info on the SL website...




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The area SL is servicing is divided into "concentric" zones, Stockholm is in zone A and Herräng is in zone C. You'll need a ticket valid for all zones. Note: You CAN'T buy tickets on buses. The price depends on how you buy the ticket.

The "cash" price for travelling all zones is 72 SEK. If you buy it from a vending machine (actually only accepts cards, not cash), it is valid for 2 hours from purchase (do as many changes as you want/need). One-time-cards, sold at ticket agents, must be used before the expiration date printed and are valid for 2 hours from first use. I think the reception at the dance camp are selling one-time-cards.

If you're planning going by public transport both ways you should get an SL Access Card (20 SEK, (re)usable for 5-6 years) and put 100 SEK (minimum) in credits on it ("reskassa"). Select all three zones as default travel (can be altered later), so you don't miss it when going to/from Herräng. The ticket price is 50 SEK per way.

There are SMS/text tickets, but you'll need a Swedish SIM card for that and also register at the payment provider. There are apps for iPhone and Android Phones where you can buy tickets by card, but I don't know if there are any limitations.

Maybe not the easiest page, but it's the offical info in english: http://sl.se/en/fares--tickets/

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Thanks! Don't think 2 hrs would cover the trip (as the last change is in Hallstavik), but will look into it!



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I am also planning to take the bus to Herräng 9th of July. I think this is the best alternative:

From T-Centralen T-bana (Stockholm kn)
To Herräng kiosk (Norrtälje kn):
T-Centralen T-bana (Stockholm kn)
(Länstrafik -Tunnelbana 14): 10:51 - 11:05
Danderyd sjukhus T-bana
(Länstrafik - Buss 639): 11:12 - 12:52
Hallstavik station (Norrtälje kn)
(Länstrafik - Buss 642): 13:40 - 13:55
Herräng kiosk (Norrtälje kn)
If you like we can travel together and cooperate with finding the correct connecting buses. Sms me on +4798453362.

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Hey Arne,

I get to Stockholm on the 8th and wanted to explore a bit.  I don't have any way of texting you (I can maybe try via my sister's british phone tomorrow), but I'd be interested in meeting up and traveling together.  Do you think this would be possible?