Herräng Dance Camp

2nd July to 6th August

Prepmode for Camp 2016
Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Solo Jazz & Tap


For the summer to come, Herräng Dance Camp offers four regular orchestra nights per week: Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Additional bands and musicians might appear on other days of the week on short notice. All bands playing at the event are rooted in classic 4/4-swing or sometime even post-swing styles.
Andrej Hermlin and his Swing Dance Orchestra
In 1987, the SWING DANCE ORCHESTRA was founded under the direction of “Swing King” Andrej Hermlin. Since then it has developed into the most outstanding and successful swing band in Germany. In addition to frequent radio and TV performances, the orchestra has played countless gigs in prestigious hotels, delighted its audiences in German and European concert halls and has been engaged for glamorous, glittering ball events. The SWING DANCE ORCHESTRA has undertaken highly successful international tours to major cities including Brussels, Zurich, Hong Kong and London. In New York – the old and new metropolis of swing - Andrej Hermlin has appeared with his musicians in the renowned “Rainbow Room” of Rockefeller Center and in the not less famous “Hotel Pennsylvania“. Recently the orchestra has performed in several film productions, among them “Taking Sides” under Oscar-winning director István Szabó and “Cold is the Breath of Evening” after a novel by Ingrid Noll. The orchestra has a multifaceted repertoire containing many familiar but also rarely played original American arrangements from the ‘30s. These include melodies of Benny Goodman’s orchestra, Artie Shaw, Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Glenn Miller and many other stars of the swing era. The SWING DANCE ORCHESTRA is authentic down to the details: the sound, the arrangements, the microphones and music stands, the instruments and the musicians’ outfits are like the American originals of that time. The sound of this big band is completely distinctive and not driven by trends or fads. Most important, the SWING DANCE ORCHESTRA plays music for listening and dancing – from an era whose glitter and glamour continues to fascinate audiences today.
Week 2 - Friday
Stockholm Swing All Stars
The Stockholm Swing All Stars was established in 2002. The idea was to form a band with top jazz and swing players in Stockholm. The four horn players in the front line play an important role in the band. With cleverly written arrangements, mostly by Klas Lindquist and Fredrik Lindborg, the band can play softly as a small group and seconds later explode in a big band fortissimo. The rhythm section gives the band a bouncing ground where solos and ensemble playing become a joy. The members of the Stockholm Swing All Stars are considered as the best in its field in Sweden. The Stockholm Swing All Stars playswing and jazz music suitable both for concerts and for dancing. The band often plays at lindy hop and other dance events as well as in concert halls around Europe. Karl Olandersson-trumpet and vocals, Klas Lindquist-reeds, Fredrik Lindborg-reeds, Dicken Hedrenius-trombone, Daniel Tilling-piano, Göran Lind-double bass, Mattias Puttonen-drums
Week 3 - Sunday & Monday, Week 5 - Friday
Hornsgatan Ramblers
Hornsgatan Ramblers is a jazz octet from Stockholm Sweden. Their emphasis is on thirties and forties swing, striving after the sound of the small bands of giants, such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Benny Goodman. This paired with the bands' own adaptations and arrangements of big band originals has given the Ramblers a sound of their own. By now their music has brought them to countries such as Korea, China, Greece, Italy, Germany, Finland, Turkey, Denmark, Lithuania, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, etc. And of course all over Sweden. The band was started in the autumn of 2009, when a couple of swing dancers in Stockholm decided to form a band and to start playing the music that they loved to dance to. The band name comes from a street in the neighbourhood in Stockholm where the world famous Chicago Swing Dance Studio is located – and in which the very first rehearsals took place. Several of the band members also dance in the renowned swing dance company Harlem Hot Shots, teach swing dancing, and have won and judged numerous dance contests all over the world. Fredrik Dahlberg-trumpet/vocals, Rikard Ekstrand-piano/guitar/vocals, Anders Huss-double bass/vocals, Emil Håkansson-trombone, Sakarias Larsson-drums, Christopher Mair-banjo/guitar/vocals, Wilhelm Novák-clarinet/soprano saxophone, Sebastian Svensson-tenor saxophone/vocals
Week 4 - Sunday, Week 5 - Sunday
Hasse Ling and his Syncopaters of Swing
Hasse Ling and his Syncopators of Swing play swinging music from the golden years of jazz. Most songs are from 1920's through 1950's. Favorites are saxophone based small band swing of the 1940's with a touch of early rhythm & blues. The repertoire is based on swing mainstream and blues. The group has been actively playing for over 30 years with three original members still going strong on stage. Hasse Ling, the band leader has been playing jazz on almost everything that sounds since he was a child. Now he focuses on saxophones and some vocal. Bosse Carnestedt is the senior member who bought his first string base in the late 1940's. His rhythm is solid and genuine and much appreciated in the band. Hasse Carlsson also senior in the band, is one of the most requested drummer in town which has kept him busy since the 1950's. He has a vivid swinging and traditional rhythm deeply rooted in timeless jazz. Later on Peter Buskas joined the band with his arch top guitar. He alternates rhythm guitar with plying solo's and singing a few songs. You can hear influences from early electric guitarists and Django. The newest member of the band Leo Linberg, wasn't even born when they started to play. Nevertheless, this young multi instrumentalist plays keyboard and piano like no one they've have heard before. It is an understatement to say he is excellent in his profession. Hasse Ling and his Syncopators of Swing regularly plays for lindy hoppers and others all over the region but also visits jazz clubs in Stockholm every now and then. The band feels fortunate and lucky to play swing music which hopefully to keep them young and happy for ever.
Week 2 - Sunday, Week 4 - Monday
Alexander Brott Bebop Quintet
A unique constellation consisting of Sweden's most prominent bebop musicians. With most members having lived in New York, where they played regularly with some of the world's greatest living jazz legends, this band offers old school swing-meets-bebop with a rare level of authenticity, virtuosity and creativity. You will hear some of the most swinging music of innovators such as Coleman Hawkins, Tadd Dameron, Wardell Gray, Charlie Parker, Benny Carter and Fats Navarro. Prepare for a night of beautiful, passionate, energetic bebop! Dwayne Clemons-trumpet, Amanda Sedgwick-Saxophone, Alexander Brott-guitar, Björn Lundén-bas, Moussa Fadera-drums
Week 2 - Monday
The Swingharmonic Orchestra

Straight from the golden age and in to our time - this is nothing but an array of professionalism, authenticity and pure nerve! Aiming to bring the sound of the swing era back to life, they brought together some of Swedens foremost musicians. Genuine swing music requires energy and precision, audacity and elegance, roughness and style. Whether you’ve discovered it through film, dance, or just by rummaging through your grandpa's record collection, you can now get the full experience live -  together with The Swingharmonic Orchestra.
Week 3 - Friday, Week 4 - Friday
Dr. Pam with Friends
Dr. Pam and his heart-hammering friends from Stockholm can't wait to see you in Herräng! Their bounce-inducing, piano-driven boogie infused with early jazz and tasty blues will get your feet jumpin' in syncopated delight. Let the party begin!
Week 1 - Wednesday
Åström Quintet
Swedens top young swing musicians and veterans from Chicago Swing Dance Studio plays irresistable jazz from the 1930's to dance to all night long! All members are regulars at the Herräng Dance Camp and plays in different bands who nowadays are more or less associated with the festival, such as Stockholm Swing Allstars, Swingharmonic Orchestra and Alexander Brott Quartet. Maestro Johan Åström's trombone playing has been described as "the love child of Jack Teagarden, Billie Holliday and a Jet Engine". You cannot resist moving to this band!
Week 3 - Wednesday, Week 4 - Wednesday
Lönnkrogen Sextett
From the start in 2016, the Scaa Theater's basement has been full to the brim every other friday when Lönnkrogen plays their 1920's jazz which blows up bounderies between young and old, rich and poor and brings us back to the speak easies of the prohibition era. After becoming a huge hit on Stockholms night clubs the rumour spread to Swedens dance halls, also here the band has become a great success. For the first time Lönnkrogen is now making it's appearance on Herräng Dance Festival with a specially designed program!
Week 1 - Friday
Peter Nydahl Quartet
Peter Nydahl Quartet started as a piano trio with Peter Nydahl - piano, Niklas Wennström - double bass and Niklas Bodin - drums. The swedish society of classic jazz gave the trio the reward best traditional jazz band in 2012 and a couple of years later the band recorded the album Stridin' Man. Band leader Peter Nydahl has also received the Louis Armstrong Award. In Herräng, for the first time ever, the trio perform as a Quartet. New band member is guitarist Daniel Svensson who can be hears with Swedish jazz celebrities such as Jan Allan and Georg Riedel.
Week 1 - Monday
Hoodlums of Bebop
Hoodlums of Bebop was formed in 2014 for a special bebop show at the Chicago Swing Dance Studio. The quintet consists of some of Stockholms finest Jazz musicians who have played together for many years in various constellations and who took this opportunity to form an all-star bebop quintet with the classic instrumentation of the legendary Parker/Gillespie Quintet from the early fourties. The music is based on Parker/Gillespie tunes, but the Hoodlums of Bebop also plays some swing hits from the classic big band era and a couple of slow drags honoring Parkers love for the blues. Hoodlums of Bebop has performed several times at the Chicago Swing Dance Studio and had a celebratedperformance in Herräng last year. Also worth mentioning is that the drummer John Hugardt is an accomplished lindy hopper who makes the band swing in all the fun dance tempos.
Abel Haile-Altosaxophone, Erik Palmberg-Trumpet, John Runefelt-Piano, Niklas Wennström-Double bass, John Hugardt-Drums
Week 5 - Monday
The Wholly Cats
A tribute to Goodman, Christian and Hampton, The Wholly Cats has been said to be a Swedish riff explosion. The orchestra focus on legendary recordings between 1939-41.
Week 2 - Saturday & Sunday
Svensson/Åkerhielm Quartet
Svensson/Åkerhielm Quartet is a Herräng all-star quartet put together from several of the bands taking part in this year's  festival. These musicians are some of Stockholms foremost when it comes to swing, blues and bebop as well as ragtime and hotjazz. This interesting blend of traditions gives a unique sound when the Svensson/Åkerhielm takes on the swampy blues numbers from the cradle of jazz and slowly draging their music towards the fidgety feet of the golden age of swing. The drummer Mattias Puttonen can be heard with the legendary Stockholm Swing Allstars, Gunnar Åkerhielm is leading the hardswingin phenomenon Swingharmonic Orchestra, Daniel Svensson´s picking them strings with the hip Lindyhoppin, happenin Peter Nydahl Quartet and Niklas Wennström's digin deep into the bass with the hellraisin, hardbopin Hoodlums of Bebop. It takes blues to Lindy!
Week 5 - Wednesday